How To Choose Pressure Washers

A power pressure cleaning machine is a mechanical sprayer machine with an electrical motor mounted onto it; to power the pump forcing out water with high force trough the concentrated nozzle. The high pressure cleans any exterior service that has grease, dirt, plant residues, decks, driveways and other materials on the surfaces.

Choosing the right pressure washer can be a daunting task, given the variety of options available. However, the decision becomes easier when you understand your specific needs and the benefits of professional services. For instance, Pressure Washing in Hicksville NY provides high-quality, efficient cleaning solutions that can significantly enhance the appearance and longevity of your property, making it a worthwhile consideration in your selection process.

There are varieties of pressure washing machines available in the Kenyan market today. Many people lack the critical information required before buying a Pressure cleaning machine. This is because a Pressure washing machine is an asset, thus investing in it requires one to pick the best that can add value to their money.

Washer Pump

All pressure pumps have pistons and valves similar to an air compressor or a gas engine. The pumps are either driven by crack shafts or plates. Pressure pump parts are easily available in Kenyan market, thus readily available for purchase. One can acquire the machine from the retail shops or even online.

Direct Drive or Belt Drive

The drive infers on how the motor is connected to the pump. Fewer parts and space is required in direct drive compared to the belt drive resulting in compact design. Pump on belt drive unit turns at a slower speed, the belt wears out faster due to the vibrations the belts absorbs.

Pressure Washer Accessories

For pressure washer to work effectively; the following accessories are a must, the washer’s quality hoses of at least 50ft long, pressure washer’s wands and tips, rotary nozzles, extension wands, gutter cleaners, whir-A-Ways, hot water washers and detergents.

Choosing the Right Pressure Cleaner

Buy a pressure cleaner that fits your needs. Ask yourself these two questions;

  1. How often will I use the pressure washing machine?
  2. How will I use a washing machine?

A big pressure washer will be convenient, if time is great value to you.

Gas Engine or Electric Motor

If the motor is powerful, the greater the pressure per square inch and gallons per minute it produces.Electric motors pressure washers usually last longer than the gas engine. There is no exhaust in electric motor, hence can be operated indoors even to places poorly ventilated.

How a Pressure Washer Works

Water is pushed through the pump at high pressure that jets out on through the nozzle. Each time the pump is turned on, a substantial amount of water is pushed through the tip. The more water is pushed through the tip, the more pressure is generated and therefore more power is required.

Understanding the Ratings

  1. Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI) to measure the pressure generated
  2. Hose Power (HP) relates to the volume the pump can produce
  • Gallons per Minute (GPM) to measure the water volume.
  1. Cleaning Per Unit (CPU) quantifies a pressure washer cleaning ability


It is advisable to take into considerations these guidelines when purchasing the right Pressure cleanerthat fits well needs. In the Kenyan market there are many types of pressure washing machine available though not all are of good quality.