How to Choose the Correct Solar Water Heater for your household

The non-pressurized water heater is a type of solar water heater that doesn’t depend on pumps to circulate water or transfer it to the system; instead, it uses gravity and convention to circulate water. This solar heats water in the collector tubes directly. It is also known as the passive water heater.

The demand for solar energy is going high every day due to increased electricity

costs. Solar energy is much more affordable, and many people are going for it.

Due to this, the demand for passive water heaters has gone high. In this

In the article, we will illuminate how to choose the correct passive water heater,

their functionality and why they are good having.

What To Consider When Choosing a Passive Water Heater

Number of Users in the Household

It is estimated that one person uses nearly 30 litres of water in a single day.

Doing a simple calculation of this rate and the number of people in your

household would give you a rough idea of how many litres of water you may need

and the size of the heater to buy.

After-Sale Maintenance

It is advisable to buy a passive solar heater from reputable companies that offer after-sale maintenance services to you.

Climate and Geographical Location 

Since a non pressurized solar water heater depends entirely on sunlight, your

geographical location should be compatible with this requirement. Your location

should be able to produce sunlight for atleast 6hours every day.

Benefits of Passive Solar Water Heater

Insulated Storage Tank

Their storage tanks are well insulated to maintain the temperatures of the water for

a long period. Once the water gets into the tank, you are assured of a hot

water supply for atleast 72 hours for a high-density polyurethane foaming with

55 mm thickness.

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Quick and Easy Installation

Installing this solar heater is quite simple and easy. You need to ensure that the tanks

are installed at a high ground level to allow water to flow powerfully down to

the system for use.

Easy to Maintain

These solar heaters are almost maintenance-free. You just need to make sure that they

are installed by well-trained and certified personnel to ensure good

performance and your safety.


These heaters last longer due to reduced pressure on the tank, faucets, taps, and pipes.


The service these solar heaters offer and their long-lasting characteristic can not

be compared with their cost. It is purely cost-effective and able to give great


How it functions

The passive solar water heater uses the sun to gain energy and produce heat. This

heat is eventually used to heat the water, moving it up the tubes and later to

the storage tank. The water in the storage tank is already heated hence ready

to serve your needs for hot water.


We hope that this article has enlightened you and provided you with worthy

information on passive solar water heaters. This article is important when

choosing a passive solar water heater, and therefore you can consider saving it

for future reference. For more, check