How to Choose the Perfect Office Chair that is Beneficial for Your Spine

Melbourne is the most populous city in the state of Victoria. It boasts a booming metropolitan area where five of the ten largest Australian corporations hold office.

It is no surprise that many workers in Australia spend a lot of time in their offices. However, the long hours could lead to health problems like back pain.

Choosing the right office chairs melbourne is important, especially for people who do long hours of office work. No matter where you’re working from, you need the perfect chair that fits perfectly.

Here are some tips on choosing the perfect ergonomic office chair.

An office chair supports your body while you work. However, if you buy the wrong form or type of office chair, it could lead to many problems with your back or spine.

It is important to choose the right office chair to avoid having body pains while working.

  • Check the Seat Height. In 2017, an estimated 4 million Australians were known to have back problems, 60-70% of which suffered from lower back pain due to reasons like long hours of sitting during work.

The chair you choose should have an adjustable seat height. Pneumatic systems with adjustment levers are common features of office chairs. The ideal height for an office chair should be around 16-21 inches off the floor.

The measurement would also depend on how high the table you are using is. The most important measurement is to have your feet flat on the floor while your arms are even with your desk.

  • Check the Seat Depth and Width. Your office chair should be wide enough to support your glutes and thighs while you sit. The standard seat size is around 17-20 inches wide.

Go with a seat depth that allows you to sit with your back against the rest. It is also optimal to have the back of your knees 2-4 inches from the chair for good posture.

It is ideal to have an office chair that can tilt forward or backwards.

  • Make Sure It Has Lumbar Support. Melbourne work hours take a toll on employees’ health. Back pain and poor posture are common as they do not use ergonomic chairs to help them.

Lumbar support is important since sitting in chairs with no lumbar support will cause slouching. Slouching negates the spine’s natural curve, which leads to back pain and bad posture.

An ideal chair should have a lumbar adjustment to support the natural curve of your spine. Good lumbar support will prevent lower back pain and encourage better sitting posture.

  • Choose a Good Backrest. Ergonomic office chairs melbourne should measure around 12-19 inches in width. If the backrest is not attached to the seat, it’s ideal that you can adjust its height and angle.

It is best to get an office chair that provides great lumbar support. Supporting the spine’s natural curve is important for your health and posture.

If the backrest is attached to the chair, the backrest should be flexible. It should go forward or backward angles and have a locking mechanism.

  • Feel the Seat Material. Summer in Australia can get swelteringly hot. Despite working indoors, you will sometimes feel the summer heat even while you are working.

Checking the seat material is also important as it should contain enough padding to make you comfortable. In addition, because you will use the chair for prolonged periods, the material must be breathable enough not to make you too hot when using it.

  • Armrests or No Armrests. Depending on your preference, you can choose a chair with or without armrests. If ever you opt for armrests, then make sure that they are adjustable and will assist you in sitting more comfortably.

Office hours in Melbourne go by pretty slow. Before you know it, your back is hurting, and you’ve lost focus on your task.

Increase your productivity and use these tips when buying an office chair. Also, get better posture to prevent back pain that hinders you from focusing on your work.

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