How to Dress Professionally on a Budget

There is a popular saying, “you are addressed the way you are dressed.” This is not far from the truth, but most people often misunderstand looking good and expensive. In as much as looking expensive requires a higher budget to pull it off, dressing nice doesn’t necessarily require a huge budget.

All you need is to get the suitable materials with the right colours combination, and you are as good looking as the other person in Versace. Although the office isn’t a good place to show off your fashion prowess, a good comment from your boss it colleagues can do a lot to your ego. In this article, we will be detailing ways you can look professionally porsh while sticking to a particular budget.

These are my 5 best ideas on how to get and set up your work outfits on a budget, these are only ideas so keep an open mind.

5 Ways to Dress Professionally While on a Budget

1. Start Small, Then Augment Afterwards

There is nothing wrong with starting your first day at work with a $12 simple white shirt and $30 black pants. All you need is to make sure you get the right size to get that nice fitting, have it well ironed, and with the right perfume,  and you are good to go. There is also nothing wrong with wearing it for the next six months; at least, it should be enough to save up a higher budget for a nicer corporate outfit.

2. Leverage Online Deals

It is no news that online e-commerce offers the biggest discount on all commodities, especially fashion commodities; leverage it! Some of the popular deals include Black Friday deals, Christmas Sales, Halloween sales, Easter sales, etc. Even when you have the lowest budget, you can still get the best outfit with the best pricing; all you need to do is to look out for it (those deals).

3. Go for Alternative Brands

It’s ok if you like Gucci brands, but it is not ok if you insist on having it when you can’t afford it. This is where you need to cut your coat according to your size: go for less expensive brands like Uniqlo, Zara, or HE by Mango. This way, you can still look good professionally while sticking to a moderate budget.

4. Buy in Bulks

Whether you are buying from online or offline platforms, there is this known tradition of giving discounts after every bulk purchase. But if you must do this, you have to also so make a wide comparison to see which shop offers the best discount. In fact, in most cases, some shops particularly give discounts specifically on corporate wear, leverage it.

5. Maintain your Style

This is where you have to maintain your sense of style. It’s ok if you want to look like Beyoncé, but don’t do it at the expense of your limited budget. If you are the type that likes it simple with the combination of a white shirt and a pair of black pants, keep it that way. Resist the urge of going for a thousand dollar blazers looking like a CEO of a billion-dollar conglomerate.

Finally, you must understand that you do not need a $3000 Kiton – a two-piece single-breasted suit to look good at work. All you need is a nice corporate outfit that fits real good, and you can always get the ones that suit perfectly well to your budget. Good luck.

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