How to Grow Your Amazon Sales

Amazon’s competition is enormous, and you need a well-thought-out plan to grow your sales and beat the competitors. But what should you do? Well, we’re here to help with some tips on how you can increase your Amazon sales today.

First, Understand the Amazon Search Algorithm

Amazon uses the A10 algorithm for product searches, and they constantly make changes to it. Hence, it factors in some important information:

  • The keywords
  • Impressions to internal sales that are frequently bought items
  • The organic sales
  • PPC (paid-per-click) sales to CTR (click-through rate)
  • Product prices to conversion rate to sales
  • Product image quality
  • Sales history to seller authority
  • Customer reviews and off-site sales

Thus, the algorithm is similar to Google’s as both rely on keywords, but Amazon works with different intentions. Where Google attracts users from research to discovery, Amazon wants to attract buyers in their shopping mode.

So, the important thing is to concentrate on the BSR (Best Sellers Rank) as it tells you how well a product performs and the more sales you can accumulate. To do this, you need external traffic and need to optimize your visibility, conversions, and relevance. So, make your shoppers click through and buy the products. That brings us to the following tips to make it happen.

Do Thorough Keyword Research

Here the important thing is to add those keywords consumers use when looking for an item online. Even a keyword in your name can help improve your rankings. So, combine popular words. For example, you have a sweater in the title and then have for men in the bullets while pullover in the backend keywords, you index it as pullover sweater for men. But also the word is pullover sweater and sweater for men. Search in Amazon’s Search Bar or use the Amazon keyword tool to research phrases.  Visit to learn more.

Optimize Your Product Listings

Here you need to optimize a few things:

  • Amazon listing title – it must be between 80-250 characters with a title case and needs to be words with numbers and no punctuation. In addition, the brand, product line, key features, type, color, size, and packaging/quantity should be included. Thus, use the critical keyword first.
  • The product description – provide concise yet snappy information with the key phrase from the title but write it for sales and not the search algorithm. So, use a strong-call-to action like Order Today. Also, check out your competitors to see what they are doing.
  • Bullet optimization – use the first three bullet points for essential features and the last two to answer questions. Use long-tail keywords like walking shoes for _______ or bag/backpack synonyms for the main keyword. Also, update bullets and a title to account for complaints from reviews.
  • Optimize images – your main image must only be your main product with a white background. Always ensure it is of high quality with a high resolution, and test each image you use to see which one brings in the highest conversion rate.
  • Backend keywords – for example, if you sell dog accessories, you can include up to 100 dog breeds, as owners might search for a dog collar for Staffy. Also, do not add words like best and top rating, as the A10 does not look at those words.

Drive External Traffic to Your Listings

Instead of sending your viewers to your product page, use unique keyword-optimized URLs. Hence, you can rank certain words faster and target more keywords. These can be used in an email list, external, social, or Google Ads. It is a great way to let your customer click on an ad on a landing page to redeem offers and view your products.

Final Thoughts

These are some tips to drive your Amazon sales, but you can also use Amazon Ads by sponsoring your products with a brand lock with a detail page with complementary products. It is a great way to boost sales advertising with Amazon. Lastly, get honest customer reviews from clients who have bought the product with pros and cons.

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