How to Identify the Signs of Hair Relaxer Damage and Seek Legal Help

Curls and kinks are smoothed out with hair relaxers, but using them incorrectly can cause serious damage. Several studies have linked hair relaxers to serious side effects, including balding, scalp burns, and chemical burns, which have been experienced by an unusually high number of people. 

If you have suffered hair relaxer damage, it is crucial that you know the warning signs and seek legal counsel to pursue a hair relaxer lawsuit claim for compensation.

Hair Relaxer Damage Symptoms

Many symptoms suggest that a hair relaxer may have damaged your hair, and these include:

  • Loss of hair or hair strength.
  • Scalp burns or rash.
  • Hair thinning or balding.
  • Blistering or soreness of the scalp.
  • Extreme dryness and brittleness.

Stop using the hair relaxer immediately and visit a doctor if you have any of these side effects.

Constitutional Protections

You should know your options when it comes to hair relaxers. While there may be laws in place to protect you, the laws will differ from region to region and even your situation.

Hair relaxers and care products are required by FDA requirements to clearly warn on the packaging that they should not be used on sensitive regions of the face or body, including the eyes. In case you have experienced any burns or excessive shedding after using a hair relaxer, you can file a complaint with the Food and Drug Administration or your state or local health agency.

It’s also important to know what to do legally if you get hurt in a salon or at the hands of a stylist due to their negligence or the improper use of a relaxer.

After gathering proof or evidence if you have been wronged, you should seek the advice of an attorney without delay. A lawyer can help you file a claim against the maker or distributor of the hair relaxer if they think you have a case.

Final thoughts

In spite of the fact that hair relaxers offer an easy and quick method of straightening hair, they also pose an added risk of damaging it if incorrectly used. 

Getting medical attention after using a hair relaxer causes damage to your hair is essential, along with collecting proof to support your claim. Consider consulting with a lawyer that focuses on personal injury claims, to take legal action and pursue cash settlement for your injuries.

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