How to improve your packaging with stickers

Do you know that the term “unboxing” has 289,000,000 entries on Google? This trend revolves massively around product packaging and shows that we cannot neglect this part of our customers’ experience. But what does “good” product packaging look like? And how can we improve? 

Look no further, we have the answers you need. We will introduce you to a quick and easy way to add value to your packaging. All of our tips center on stickers. Yes, stickers, the little sticky bits of paper or plastic you might have collected as a child. Used the right way, stickers are true marketing powerhouses. Are you ready to find out more? Then let’s go.

1. Go custom 

Going custom means getting what you want. Most sticker printing companies will not only print your design, but let you pick the perfect size, any shape you like and the right material. On top of that, you can decide whether you want your stickers to arrive individually cut or on sheets – ultimate flexibility. 

This means that you can literally create anything you want to make it fit your brand perfectly and ensure a beautiful customer experience. Find some inspiration in Pinterest or Google and get designing. If you have no design expertise, do not worry, there are many free, online platforms that offer templates for you to customize.

2. Consider your customer’s perspective 

As marketers, we put a lot of effort into purchase funnels. However, we cannot neglect our customers’ post-purchase experience. Especially for e-commerce businesses, this is essential as your customers’ first physical interaction with your brand happens after the point of purchase. 

A beautiful shipping box can help you achieve that. All you need for this is a custom label with a well-intended, warm message. You can even use this to seal your packages. This will immediately forge positive associations linked to your brand in your customers’ minds and differentiate you from the many other orders they receive. 

3. Think inside the box

You can take this even further. While you need to make sure that your overall packaging stays on brand, there are additional ways you can add value to your customers’ experience. Think outside the box by thinking about its insides. 

Most companies spend lots of time and money on their packaging but neglect the hidden opportunities their product packaging offers. Can you hide a message at the bottom or the lid of your product packaging? This can be a secret discount code or a funny CTA your customers can only spot once they have used up your product. With custom stickers, you can turn this idea into a reality quickly. 

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4. Switch it up regularly 

All of these ideas work best if you keep on top of them and switch them up regularly. Give every month a theme, whether that be seasonal or to create awareness for a good cause, and brand your packaging accordingly. The beauty of using stickers is that this is actually feasible – at no extra cost and in record time. 

If you are wondering which stickers work best, we recommend going for vinyl-based sticker materials. Through their vinyl base, these stickers resist sunlight, scratches and make great waterproof stickers. This resistance is essential to ensure your customers have a great, high-quality experience directly related to your brand. 

Do you feel ready to level up your packaging with stickers? Then we want to hear about it! Please share your ideas, designs, experiences and questions with us in the comment section below.

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