How to Include a Hand Cream in Your Daily Skincare Routine?

Washing dishes, dusting, typing on the computer, picking up clothes, and sometimes scratching your head as well, isn’t the list of things we do in a day with our hands way too long? While some of us are quite happy to have an entire shelf dedicated to products such as shampoos, serums, moisturizers, etc., only a handful are aware of the benefits of hand cream. It is a simple skincare product that could be applied topically to offer a mix of several nourishing ingredients in one go. It works best when you have dry or chapped skin (a lack of moisturization) due to any reason.

Let’s change our perception slightly to be more considerate towards our skincare regimen. In this article, we have listed brief information about the benefits of using a hand cream along with our top 3 picks. We are sure that using them would offer you many positives.

Add hand cream to your daily routine for maximum benefit

Repeated use of sanitizer can take away the moisture from our hands. Well, we do not recommend ditching your bottle of sanitizer, at least not until the pandemic ends, but you can do well with a  workaround to get the job done. So, how would you restore the moisture and provide life to the dull texture on your hand? One smart way is to use a a safe and nourishing cream for your hand and calm the dryness with its moisturizing element.

We are often quite attentive to our other skincare needs (like we use eye creams, face creams, sunscreen, and serums), but we somehow overlook that body part we use the most- our hands. Our hands perfectly represent the direction our skin and health are heading in. So, let’s be a little more cautious about our hands and start using hand lotions right away.

The skin care product you put on your face may not always be the most suited one to be applied to the back of your hands. Therefore, it is important to opt for a cream for your hands only. Whenever you feel your hands are drying off, you should not shy away from applying hand cream.

Benefits of using hand cream

  • A velvety feel all day long

Our hands come in contact with many surfaces in a day, and they may take away some of the moisture contained in our skin cells. Harsh and rough surfaces may make our skin dry, itchy, or reddish. Well, you cannot leave your skin unattended, can you?

This is the main reason you should opt for a safe, gentle, and nourishing hand cream. Your hands deserve the nourishment of hand lotions. So, do not skip coating your hand with a gently formulated moisturizing lotion for your hand and feel comfortable all day long.

  • Combats aging

It is a well-known fact that our under-eyes and hands are the first to develop wrinkles. But, while you do not leave any stone unturned to pamper the former, your hands remain unnoticed and less hydrated. The worst part is that people fail to notice their hands, even with wrinkles. So, let’s be kind to your hands and protect them from early wrinkling.

  • Aces your first impression

Who does not wish to leave a good impression with a firm handshake? Beautiful hands with no wrinkles or dark spots are a great sight to the eyes. But surely, we do not want to greet someone with dry and scaly skin. Therefore, it is best to use a nicely formulated Hand lotion by your side to bid farewell to all those woes that your hands tend to attract easily.

Top 3 picks for you

1. Ubtan Range

Have you got a skin serum, Pimple Removal Cream, and shampoo for your routine care? Of course, but if you have missed the well-being of hands now, here is something to help you out. We all know Ubtan powers the skin and makes it brighter.

As our hands are more delicate than the rest of our bodies and prone to wrinkles, Mamaearth brings the tried and tested recipe for your hand, intending to make them glow and heal the damages. Furnished with natural and soothing ingredients such as Turmeric, Honey, Shea Butter, Glycerin, this product makes hands smoother and better moisturized.

2. Vitamin C’s Blessings

If you are a loyal follower of skincare, you know Vitamin C’s advantages. If not, you must know that Vitamin C is one of the most celebrated ingredients in the skincare sphere, filled with antioxidants and brightening properties. Mamaearth adds the goodness of Shea Butter and Glycerin with Vitamin C to elevate the skin texture of your hand.

While Vitamin C takes charge for brightening and repairing the skin barrier, Shea Butter and Glycerin moisturize and repair the skin cells from within. So, bring this lotion home and experience the tremendous changes that it has to offer!

3. CoCo Goodness

You have been reminded about the benefits that Cocoa and Coffee powder yield on the skin all your life. But does anyone tell you it is good for your hands as well? Mamaearth brings the nourishment of some highly nourishing ingredients like cocoa, shea butter, glycerin, and coffee that add life to your skin and strengthen its moisture barrier.

In addition, the cream is designed to boost blood flow and kill up to 99% of germs and bacteria. It is time you enhance your style statement with your soft and shiny hand with this amazingly prepared CoCo Hand lotion.

Take a little extra care of your hand!

No matter how many times you plan to go for a pedicure, the changes that everyday routine brings are incomparable. So, just as you would buy an eye cream, a pimple removal cream, or a hair serum for yourself, you should opt for a safe and gentle hand cream too. Whether fragranced or non-fragranced, the benefits of using moisturizing cream for handholds innumerable benefits are whichever hand lotion you pick newsintv.

Some of them you can experience in a matter of days only. Therefore, without any iota of doubt, you should add a hand cream to your daily skincare routine and make your hand smoother and plumped up. Are you eager to stock up on your favorite hand lotions? Then, bless yourself with the nourishment of Mamaearth, a destination full of varieties and proven solutions famousbiography.