How to maintain your queen sized mattress

A standard queen mattress is 60-66 inches wide and 72-80 inches long. Its thickness depends on its type, with 8-12 inches being the industry standard. It is one of the most popular sizes, as it is roomy enough for two people, while not occupying a lot of floor-space. If you have bought a new queen sized bed, here are some tips on how you can care for it and extend its longevity.

Support it well:

Bed-frames are designed to lengthen the life of your mattress by allowing for proper ventilation. Additionally, a good foundation complements your bed to give it ample support. For instance, consider the spacing between the slats: If the slats are set 2-3 inches apart, your bed is better supported than if the slats were wider apart. A bed that isn’t well supported will sag rapidly and must be replaced. Generally, firm mattresses need bed-frames with some give and vice versa to achieve a good balance.

Put a topper on it: 

A topper is a protective layer of bedding that sits on top of your bed. It distributes pressure evenly across the bed, preventing it from deteriorating in spots. Additionally, toppers are easier to clean or wash and prevent any spillage, dust, and dirt from directly getting onto your mattress.

Consider your environment: 

If bed bugs and other insects can make their way to the bed, you need to cover it with a protective layer and clean it regularly.

If your room generally has high humidity, moisture can collect at the base of your mattress, leading to mildew formation. It brings us to the next point.

Air it or put it out in the sun:

Your mattress needs fresh air as severely as you do. Sweat, body oils, dust, dead skin, and moisture can accumulate in it, leading to disfigurement. Every six months, put it out on a clean surface under the sunshine and let it air for a few hours on both sides.

Launder your linens often:

Bedspreads, blankets, pillowcases and pillows contribute to the cleanliness and, thus, the life of your mattress. Change your coverlets and pillowcases once a week. If you have pets, and allow them on the bed, change the linen once every 3-4 days. If you can wash your pillows, wash them once every six months. Fresh linen can prevent dust mites from settling in your mattress and thus increase its lifespan.

Change its orientation often:

Rotating your bed once every 3-4 months helps to wear it out evenly. The filling stays bouncy for longer, giving you a comfortable sleep for longer.

Further, some mattresses can be overturned and used on both sides. With such beds, you can change its sides every six months or so.

Clean it: 

You can use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to clean it. Additionally, if you spill something on it and are afraid of stains – you can spot clean the surface. Ensure you use mild detergents and use a dabbing motion to lift the stain.

In summary:

Versatile and cost effective, a queen mattress is ideal for anyone. With rough use, you can count on a peaceful sleep for about 5-6 years before the mattress wears out. However, if you use the above tips and maintain it well, your bed can last for the better part of a decade. A good night’s sleep is your ticket to an attentive mind, and helps you reduce unforced errors at work. Reclaim your night and seize the day with a clean, comfortable, and well-maintained bed.

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