How to prepare for PMI-CAPM Exam?

CAPM is an entry-level certification offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI). A rise in demand for project management in the job market has resulted in this certification test becoming increasingly valuable over time. This means that the candidate must have a well-thought-out CAPM test prep strategy and enough CAPM exam prep training in order to pass the exam on the first try.

What is the CAPM credential?

The Certified Project Management Associate (CPMA) Aspiring project managers or individuals who are interested in learning the fundamentals of project management may get a Capm certification from the Project Management Institute (PMI). Team members that specialise in a particular area, such as software development or testing, are essential to the success of any given project.

1. CAPM Certification Exam Preparation.

PDF version of the PMBOK 6th edition combines the Agile Practice Guide and the Project Management Body of Knowledge into a single document with different parts for each. Despite the fact that an agile study guide isn’t required for the CAPM exam, it might still be helpful for grasping key concepts in agile. During the first reading, it is recommended to start with the introductory chapter and work your way through the rest of the book. After the first reading, it will be important to refer to certain portions during training and later on to enhance knowledge levels in all chapters.

2. Create a Preparation Plan

As soon as you have a good understanding of the exam’s content and organisation, the next step would be to devise a customised study strategy. Your personal goal of passing the CAPM Exam on your first try is a great example of how you can use project management to learn.

3. Carefully plan the test day and time.

Unless you have a strategy in place, scheduling a test and securing a time may be dangerous. Because everyone wants to pass the test on their first try, it is crucial to know where you are and how much work you need to put in before an exam date is set.

4. For pre-test questions, you should know why they’re being asked.

The CAPM test consists of 150 questions and has a three-hour time limit. Pre-test questions include 15 of the 150 questions on the exam and are not scored. As no one will know which of the 150 questions on the test is scored and which is not, there may be some misunderstanding. As a result, thinking that a specific subject may be a pre-test question might be distracting and waste time.

5. Pay greater attention to the questions that are simple and read each sentence attentively.

Many examinees have lost crucial points in the past by Sprintzeal rushing and answering simple questions, particularly when scoring the easy questions. This has been seen from prior experiences. The test is three hours long, so you have plenty of time to study each question thoroughly and thoroughly examine all of the options before making a decision. Watch out for questions that include qualifiers like “MOST correct,” “NOT,” “EXCEPT,” “BEST POSSIBLE,” etc. to describe the right answer. Such concerns need a more cautious and thorough approach. You must start cultivating excellent practise from the practise tests throughout the CAPM Exam prep stage.

6. Strengthen your weaknesses.

We tend to be better at particular things because of our backgrounds, experiences, and education. In other words, plan your answers such that you begin by addressing questions of your own strength, which will build your confidence. It may be beneficial to answer any questions that require the use of formulae early in the test if you are skilled at math. Examine your skills and shortcomings throughout the Capm Certified Associate in Project Management Practice Examinations. If you want to get a decent score on the exam, it’s just as crucial to focus on strengthening your areas of strength.

7. Make a list of the most significant facts and figures.

It’s a good idea to scribble down formulae you’ve learnt in class, such as Earned Value, before the exam starts. Exam centres include either paper and pencil or electronic whiteboards for students to use.

8. Examine thoroughly PMI’s CAPM guidebook.


As part of your preparation for the CAPM Exam, it is essential that you go through the CAPM guide. It’s helpful to be aware of the regulations and procedures in place.

9. Examine the PMBOK Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge

It’s critical to set aside adequate time to go through PMBOK as part of your CAPM test preparation. Unlike the PMP Certification exam, the CAPM test focuses more on an examinee’s understanding of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), which is more relevant to people who are just starting out in the field of project management.