How to Prepare Your Backyard for Winter

Cold breezes, rainy days, overcast skies… there’s no doubt about it, winter is creeping up on us.

Gone are the warm summer nights, hot and humid days, and bright sunshine spiking the temperatures. We’re in for a colder winter than usual, too, so as the mercury shoots down you’ll find yourself going indoors for some warmth and cosiness.

The idea of a hot drink and a warm blanket in your bedroom or living room is more than enough to entice anyone to stay home during the winter months, though it’s important to think about the spaces in your home that might not be getting as much TLC when it’s cold. Often, that means your outdoor spaces get forgotten until the weather becomes warm again, and by that point, you’ll be rushing to make sure your garden, patio, and landscaping are up to your standards once spring rolls around.

But have no fear, we’ve got the best tips and tricks to keep your outdoor spaces winter-proof, so you can hop right into it when the weather is warm once more. Look through our prep tips, cleaning ideas, and even ways to make your patio useable year-round, from heaters to Stratco sunroof Melbourne, and everything in between.

Furniture and accessory care

When winter comes, it’s time to bring out the furniture covers to help protect and prep your outdoor furniture and accessories. Store away what you can, pack up cushions, and cover larger pieces that you can’t put away. It’s important to remember that strong gusts of wind during winter are prone to blow dirt and debris on your furniture cushions, so putting them away saves you the trouble of having to clean them after a windy winter. Remove accessories such as lanterns and other decorative items to minimise the risk of your decor flying every which way in your backyard after a storm.

Your outdoor furniture may be made of weatherproof materials already, but if you’re planning to use them during the colder months, it might be a great idea to cover aluminium and plastic pieces with a little bit of car wax, and wicker furniture with paste wax. Make sure to keep an eye out for rust.

Lawn prep

While winter is the best time to dial back on lawn care, it’s still a good idea to do some small bits of maintenance here and there. While you don’t have to mow, weed, or rake as much, simple jobs can help your lawn survive the colder weather and thrive when the warm months come.

1. Aerate

Whether you’re wanting to DIY or hire a professional, aerating your lawn helps to let air circulate throughout the soil, which improves drainage and allows winter rain to penetrate the grassroots. It’s a key ingredient to healthy spring lawns.

2. Fertilise

Just as you need food for sustenance, grass needs to be fed, too! A slow-release winter lawn fertiliser, applied after aeration, can help promote shoot and root growth even in the midst of the winter months.

3. Mow overgrowth

Winter lawns grow at a slower pace, but it’s still recommended to keep your lawn less than five centimetres high to prevent pests and encourage sunlight to penetrate to the soil. Be mindful of cutting too short, though, as it can make it easier for winter weeds to sprout!

Clean Gutters

Gutters take a beating during the winter months as they get higher quantities of rain and debris. If you don’t clean out accumulated leaves, twigs, and dust, you could be looking at blocks in your gutters that lead to water damage, mould growth, and even pests.

Clean appliances

Got appliances in your patio that you won’t be using during winter? Clean and cover your grills, ovens, and open cooktops by degreasing and sweeping off ash and food bits. This helps to prevent pest infestations and keeps everything clean for your next use during the warmer months. Make sure to empty your fridges and vacuum off any dirt and dust before you cover everything up.

Check your connections

Make sure to unplug, shut off, and drain water lines to outdoor fridges, sinks, and even ice makers. This is really important as if you’ve got water in there, you’ll have to deal with frozen lines, so make sure to leave the drain valves open.

Weatherproof your patio

During the summer months it’s easy to use your patio: after all, you don’t really have to think about freezing temperatures and rainy evenings. Still, you might be surprised to know that you can use your patio during the winter months too, and it takes a little bit of weatherproofing to create an outdoor space that you can use, rain or shine, hot or cold.

Add space heaters

One way to keep your stratco patio from being too cold to entertain guests is to add heaters around the space. This ensures that your friends and family are warm and toasty even if you’re outdoors. Or, if you’re feeling extra fancy, add a fire pit in the middle of the space: it’s a great focal point and you’ll love roasting marshmallows over the fire while catching up with your guests.

Install roofing

One of the best ways to weatherproof your outdoor space is to add durable, high-quality roofing over the area. While there’s a wide range of roofing solutions available, one of the best options is a Stratco sunroof, which has been tried and tested against Australian climate and meets Australian building standards year after year. This option lets you fully control the louvres electronically depending on how you want your shade to be, whether it’s open and letting the sun shine through when the skies are clear, or closed to protect you from the rain. Stratco sunroofs are an amazing way to add additional value to your home’s outdoor space, letting you use your patio year-round.