How to Shop Online for Wedding Dresses

It’s 2022; we are solidly in the future, for better or worse. Just think of what your younger self would have thought if you’d told them all about the internet, smartphones, intelligent cars, speedy communication, and every other little aspect of life we are totally used to now but that would’ve once blown our minds. One thing we all rely on to maintain our convenient lives is the internet. 

You can order food and have it brought to you. You can stream anything you want to watch or listen to. You can find information to any question, and access a completely terrible and wonderful overload of content that will keep you scrolling all night. And one thing that has never been as popular or easy or normal is online shopping. 

We pretty much shop for everything online when you think about it, since most things you see on the internet are purchasable these days (hello targeted ads, making us buy things we never knew we wanted). But what about buying something really important online without first seeing it in person, something that you might’ve dreamed about for years? What about something like a wedding dress?

Why Would You Shop for Your Wedding Dress Online?

We’re here to tell you the good news: yes, you can buy your wedding dress online and rest easy about it. There are actually many reasons why you should. Here are a few: you can find more options than what’s physically located in your area; you can score great deals online; you can find your dream dress from the comfort of your house, or even your workplace, meaning you can devote limitless time to finding THE one; you can customize the size to your measurements; you can find something no one you know will be wearing.

Are you sold yet? When shopping online for your wedding dress, there are a few useful tips to keep in mind so you find your best fit.

Stick With a Classic Silhouette (You Know It’ll Look Great On You)

If you’re nervous about buying a dress online, or if you don’t think you’ll like anything too out there, stick with a classic dress silhouette that you know will flatter you. Because of try on and send back options, you can start with a few classic shapes you might like and work your way through them to something a little more statement making, if that’s your thing.

Shop at Online Stores with Return Policies

The best part of online shopping is the lack of commitment needed. We’re indecisive, okay? Sometimes we want to eat all the food, sometimes we don’t know what we want even if given a dozen choices. How can you possibly expect to commit to a single dress without adequately trying it on, showing it to all your friends, taking a hundred selfies, taking it off, and putting it back on (repeated as much as needed)? Luckily, clothing companies understand: you can’t. Buy and then try.

Watch for Discount Codes, Free Gifts with Purchase, and Free Shipping

This one’s a little bit just for fun but also useful. Sometimes when you make a big purchase, companies will provide a little complimentary gift with your items, although these may be offered only during certain weeks or seasons. Just keep an eye out, that’s all we’re saying. 

Don’t forget about discount codes for first-time visitors. And with established e-commerce stores, many (if not most) offer free shipping on orders over a certain amount, or just in general. When you take the additional shipping prices out of the equation, we can’t really find any reason why not to shop for wedding dresses online. Sounds like a great way to take your time exploring all the options. 

Look for Other Wedding Items that Compliment Your Dress

We love brand’s collections because rather than buying a dress here, a belt there, shoes there, and a veil at another store entirely, brands will often have a wedding collection with items that go perfectly together. Plus, if you can order everything from one store, that saves on the hassle and makes the return or exchange process simple if you change your mind. 

Brands know clothes, so if they put items together, you can rest assured that they work as an ensemble. All you have to do is follow their deliberate styling and work it.


We get it: there are reasons to feel a little hesitant about shopping for your wedding dress online. Maybe you’re a nervous online shopper because not being able to try before you buy sounds like a risk. Perhaps you’ve always pictured that “saying yes to the dress” moment after trying on lots of options. We promise that shopping for wedding dresses online is actually less stressful—and you can still have your “yes” moment. Return policies were made for a reason. Feel free to buy every dress out there, try them on at home, and send all but the one back. Shopping online will open up your options so you can end up with the dress you’ve always dreamed of—even if you don’t know what it looks like yet. Oh yeah, and buy some shoes to go with the dress while you’re at it.

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