Do you wish to expand your dog’s repertory of techniques? Waving “hello” with one paw and “goodbye” with the other is a simple way to give your dog two new talents for the price of one.

Educating your dog to wave is a fantastic pet technique that will delight and astound everyone. It’s also not difficult to teach a dog to lift its paw to wave hello or goodbye. You’ll only need your dog and some delectable dog treats. Make sure you have your clicker with you if you’re using it for training.

Training your Labrador retrievers to wave is one of the most adorable tricks you can educate him to wow your friends and family.

What’s the Most Effective Way to Communicate Your Dog to Wave?

Once we begin, make absolutely sure you get plenty of delicious dishes, your treat bag, and a peaceful space to train in. A soft rug or mat is ideal for this instruction because it is best accomplished while reclining on the floor.

Step 1:

Whenever your dog paws at your hand, give him a treat.

Begin by placing your dog across from you in a sit position. Encourage your dog to sniff a tasty treat you’ve positioned in your palm. Then, using your other hand, create a fist around the incentive and place it between your dog’s paws.

Step 2:

Put your hands up and congratulate your dog on elevating his or her paw.

When your dog understands they’re being praised for pawing your hand, it’s important to shape this activity into something which looks more like a wave. The first step is to teach your dog to elevate his or her paw in the air higher.

Step 3:

Remove your hand and congratulate your dog on pawing the air.

After your dog settles down pawing your hand up into the sky, it’s time to remove your hand from the scenario. Raise your flat hand or fist in the same way you did before, but this time move it away from your dog’s paws before they make contact. Give them your positive signal as a reward.

Step 4:

Contain a connection using your vocal cue.

When you shake your hand out to your dog, it’s time to give them a phrase for skimming the air. The “wave hello” gesture will be known to as the wave performed with this first paw.

Step 6:

Repeat the process with their adjacent paw.

When your dog can gesture at you with their dominant limb when you say “wave hello” and wave your left hand, you’re willing to teach them how to “wave goodbye” with their opposed paw.

As previously, start with a reward curled in your fist. Make sure you’re using the other hand this time. Give your fist to your dog and place it on the outside of the paw that hasn’t been used.  For detailed information, click here.

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