IDO Launchpads: A potential solution for crypto-based projects 

Cryptocurrency projects rely heavily on the investments from venture capitalists, private and corporate investors, and community members for the development of the project. To raise this capital, the projects have to curate fundraisers such as IDOs, ICOs, etc., which helps them gather investments in exchange for stakes in the projects in the form of tokens. 

These token-based fundraising models have developed over the past few years and now offer more opportunities for both investors and project developers. However, there are certain practices that make these IDOs unsafe if done individually. As a solution, IDO launchpads come into the picture as a novel solution for project developers and investors to connect and grow. 

What are IDO Launchpads, and why are they important?

IDO or crypto launchpads are decentralized platforms that create values for projects and users while ensuring the safety of all the parties involved. These platforms enable users and investors to invest in upcoming and developing projects at a special pre-sale price before they go public. As the investors are purchasing stakes at lower prices, their returns will be higher. 

The crypto launchpad gives projects a chance to list their projects which are then reviewed and verified before listing on the launchpad. Using this mechanism and trust between users, investors, and projects, crypto launchpads operate smoothly. Moreover, these platforms create a win-win solution for all parties involved. 

Investors receive high returns on their investments, and the project gets the fund it needs for the development. Moreover, these IDO launchpads are well structured and built using the latest technology for more utility and security. IDO launchpads became popular as there was an increase in the number of scam projects where investors lost huge sums of money. 

An IDO launchpad operates using three pillars that make them reliable and trustworthy. 

  • Credibility

As all projects listed on an IDO launchpad go through rigorous due diligence, they are more trustworthy.

  • Instant Liquidity

The value of any token is determined by its liquidity. The launchpads ensure that the liquid of these tokens is available at all times. 

  • Safe Fundraising practices

Unlike the traditional model that solely relied on faith between the two parties, and IDO launchpad ensures all parties hold their ends of the deals. A crypto launchpad ensures the safety of all the parties involved. 

Because of these benefits, more and more projects are choosing to launch their tokens through IDO launchpads such as TrustPad, BSC Pad, Enjinstarter, etc. However, a new player is offering an even better value proposition for all the projects and the investors. 

AdLunam’s Value-Based Proposal

AdLunam is the world’s first NFT-integrated Engage to Earn seed crowdfunding and IDO launchpad that utilizes a proof of attention model. This engagement to earn and proof of attention model is what separates the launchpad from its competitor. 

On AdLunam, every project goes through rigorous checks and due diligence like any other IDO launchpad. However, the token allocation method of AdLunam separates the project from others. At AdLunam, the investors and community members are allocated a token for their engagement with the project. 

As a member, the user or investors has to actively participate with the listed project on their social media channels by posting content, interacting with content, etc. Based on this interaction, the user is assigned a score that, along with the wallet trust score, determines the token allocation the investor will receive. 

Using this approach, AdLunam is helping create a fair environment where investors without a popular social profile get a fair chance to invest in a promising project. On the other hand, the projects gain an active community that is organically interacting with the project and helping it gain momentum before launch, thus creating a win-win solution for everyone. 

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