Is a juice cleanse beneficial for you?

It is a common conception that consuming more fruits and vegetables more is beneficial for you. While that is true, but solely depending on this diet, in the long run, may have adverse effects on your body. When you are opting for A Dutch juice cleanse, you are consuming lesser calories and fats in general. This helps greatly in losing weight and detoxifying your digestive systems from the toxic build-up. Some of the most important vitamins such as vitamin C and E are present in greater quantities in fruits and vegetables as compared to any other food so it does benefit your body greatly too. Also for those people who do not like to consume fruits and vegetables, making juice out of them is an easy and lazy way to get the most benefits out of it. Dutch company Sapje will help cater to your juice cleanse needs.

But while that is the case, it is also important to note that you are depriving your body of many nutrients as well that you get from other kinds of foods and not from fruits or vegetables. This can leave your body and organs weak. Too much of anything can have adverse effects on your body if you follow it for a long time.

Potential health risks attached

Going on a juice cleanse diet is not entirely healthy rather many people warn you of the potential risks when you decide to opt for this diet. You can experience some major deficiencies in your body since you are restricting your nutrient intake. You will completely deprive your body of fat and protein which is vital for your muscle development hence yo8u will lose strength and become weaker physically.

As the fruits and vegetables are consumed in juice form, all the fiber is removed in the process. Fiber helps to cleanse your system and helps to maintain healthy bowel movements. Once you deprive your body of it, it can have severe side effects leading to even low blood sugar levels. Once your body becomes weak, this may lead to high levels of fatigue and you may also feel extremely dizzy and lightheaded since your calorie intake is so low. This would also result in joint pain if you follow this diet for long since your bone and muscle development also stops once you opt to go on this diet.

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