Is It Safe To Buy Earrings Online?

Thanks to the internet, shopping is no longer a tiresome thing. You can buy almost anything – from a dress to your dream house – online. Jewellery is also not an exception.

Nowadays, you can buy not just trendy pieces but also authentic gold jewellery within a few clicks! In fact, many people prefer buying gold jewellery online. The reason? It is easy; you get lots of options to choose from, and the jewelleries are authentic.

That being said, people who have never bought gold online find it a bit difficult to trust online portals. And it’s understandable since they have to spend a huge amount of money on gold earrings without actually touching or trying it.

But is that fear entirely true? Is it okay to buy gold earrings online? Let’s find out!

Online Earring Shopping: Safe Or Not

Purchasing jewellery online can be tricky, especially if you have never done it. There are chances of online fraud too. But it is also a true fact that every day, thousands of people buy earrings online and they come back again and again to make the purchase.

So, what is it that makes online shopping of earrings safe for them? It is none other than the fact that they purchase earrings from reputed brands and always ensure to check safety of the website.

If you also focus on becoming an aware and smart shopper, you can definitely buy gold or even diamond earrings online without any doubt.

So yes, you can safely buy earrings online; provided you keep a few factors in mind. To help you, we have also jotted them down.

Things To Keep In Mind When You Buy Earrings Online

  • Research: Whether you are buying gold earrings or silver earrings, it is extremely important to do an extensive research. You can check different websites, their prices, designs, and so much more. You can also read the descriptions of the products to understand that what metal it is. If there is a friend or relative who buys online, ask them for references too.
  • Website Safety: Always check the jewellery stores’ websites before purchasing anything. Check their “about us” section or see if the site is easy to use. The website’s address should begin with ‘https://’ and the colour in the bar should be green. This shows that the site has SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed. In simple words, it is safe and secure. If there is no “https” in the beginning, avoid the store and try another one. Moreover, you should also check pages such as privacy policy, terms of use, etc., to know how your information will be used or shared.
  • Return Policy: As you are buying earrings without touching and trying them, chances are that you may not like what you receive. Thus, ensure that the earring you are buying is eligible for returns. This way, you can save yourself from making any wrong choice. If you find any issue with the return policy, it’s better to skip that website.
  • Payment Options: The store should have multiple payment options such as credit cards, UPI, and Cash on Delivery. This also shows that the website understand the diversity of the market and want to make things convenient for their customers.
  • Guarantee: No one wants to spend thousands on something which has no guarantee. Thus, make sure the store offers 100% guarantee. In case of expensive metals like gold and silver, also check for standard certifications such as BIS Hallmark to ensure its authenticity. Some brands also offer lifetime exchange on earrings made from gold.
  • Reviews: Good reviews instil a sense of trust in the choice you make online. Thus, take time to read and check out the reviews and customer testimonials – both about the jewellery store and the product. You can also find product images posted by customers to see if it matches the image in the website.

Done reading? Then prepare this checklist and start shopping!

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