Is Power Bi certification worth it?

Power BI allows businesses to maximize the value of their data assets through Data Analysts. These professionals are subject-matter experts and are responsible for creating and maintaining scalable data models, cleansing and transforming data, and enabling advanced analytic skills that deliver significant business value through easy-to-understand data visualizations. Organizations use this tool to convert data from different sources into understandable and user-friendly perceptions that aid them in making decisions.

Microsoft Power BI Certification Benefits

Businesses and organizations have started to use the Power BI tool. They hire experts who are certified in the topic or possess the Power BI certificate. The Power BI certification is an excellent benefit for professionals working in the key area of data management and analysis.

  • It’s Microsoft

Microsoft is the backbone of IT software and IT solutions. It has been known for creating powerful, world-class commercial software that meets business needs. Power BI, a completely new product, has a vast lineage. Microsoft excels in business intelligence because it incorporates SQL, Multi-Dimensional Server Analysis Service, and MS Excel.

  • Data Visualization and Modelling

This Power BI certificate will allow you to gain hands-on experience creating new data models and optimizing existing ones. You will also be able to use gauges and cards to evaluate employees’ performance, create custom reporting solutions and build hierarchies.

  • Data Transformation with Power BI Desktop

You can also learn how to clean up data after obtaining the Power BI certification.

  • Power Service Configuration Reports, Dashboards, and Apps

You can publish, embed, and configure dashboards and configure security for apps, dashboards, and reports. After earning the Power BI certification, you can also configure app workspaces or apps.

You can earn the Power BI certificate to learn all you need to use Power BI for business processes. You are valued more than any other employee if you can design calculated tables and columns, regulate an organization’s hierarchies, gauge data transactions, and cleanse data. These skills enable you to stand out and earn respect within your organization.

You also become a Microsoft Certified Professional and become a member of the Microsoft community. This Power BI certification allows you to negotiate a top-tier salary and raise it with your manager. This certification confirms your ability to be a business analyst.

  • Power BI has a large user community.

The Power BI community is over two years old and has more than 10,000 members, making it a large group of like-minded people. It provides a forum for data analysts and users working with the tool to communicate with each other around the globe. It allows users to ask questions and find beneficial solutions for all.

  • Power BI is easy to use and affordable to learn.

It is easy to use and intuitively learn so that anyone can understand it. It reduces the cost of training and provides the best results.


Becoming a Microsoft Power BI Certified person is rewarding, but the certification path isn’t easy. Microsoft exams can be challenging to pass. It is essential to study hard. Microsoft Power BI certification can be a great option to fill the gap between individuals seeking a job in the industry of business analytics and those looking for a career or a job.