Just how long does it take to resolve a child custody dispute in Texas?

A concerned dad from Texas wants to know the typical time frame for establishing custody.

It’s difficult to resolve arguments among relatives. When it comes to your kids, living with uncertainty may be particularly stressful.

You want to seek child custody but are nervous about the legal procedure.

Your family’s future should not be uncertain because of a protracted custody dispute. How long does it often take to resolve a child custody dispute in the Lone Star State?

Custody battles may be difficult. However, if you have experienced child custody in Houston attorney on your side, the procedure does not have to go on forever.

Explain the Texas Child Custody Process.

Conservatorship is the legal term for child custody in the state of Texas. Guardianship matters are decided by a judge.

Whoever is named as the child’s managing conservator will have the legal authority to make major life choices on the child’s behalf. Issues pertaining to the child’s physical and mental health, as well as their education and religious upbringing, fall under this category.

Unless there is a history of abuse, violence, or substance misuse, the courts in Texas will likely appoint both parents as Joint Managing Conservators. In other words, both parents have equal say in major choices affecting the kid.

Possession is a secondary issue in a Texas conservatorship lawsuit. The term “possession” is used to describe the amount of time that a kid spends with each parent. Generally, the Texas standard possession order is granted by Texas courts without more investigation.

The court has decided that one parent will have primary custody of the kid, with the other parent having visitation rights on the first, third, and fifth weekends of each month, as well as on Thursdays.

If a parent wants a different possession schedule than what is typically ordered, they must prove that the alternative arrangement is in the child’s best interest.

Procedures in Child Custody Cases

So, how long do Texas child custody battles often last? This question requires knowledge of the procedure and the obstacles that might lengthen the duration of a case. When one parent seeks conservatorship, they initiate a Suit Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship.

The petition must be served on the other parent, who may choose to waive service. The parent who is receiving child support has 20 days to respond to the court. Another conservatorship petition might be filed by them. Dates for court proceedings will be set by the court.