La Peseta (PTA), The Spanish digital Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the new trend in the world’s economy. It is the result of progress in information and technology. People expect cryptocurrency will make the economy more fair. Cryptocurrency can help us to move towards a cashless society. So, cryptocurrency has started a new economic revolution.

La peseta (PTA) is the new cryptocurrency. It is named after the Spanish  former currency. This new cryptocurrency has great possibilities. You can know more about this digital currency after watching the video has something to offer to all of us. In our article, we will learn about the history of La peseta, cryptocurrency, and the significance of the new cryptocurrency La Peseta(PTA).

History of La Peseta

La peseta was the iconic former currency of Spain. It was the legal currency from 1868 to 2001. It was withdrawn from the market in 2002. In 2002 euro was launched. as the legal currency of several eu countries in 2002.

History of cryptocurrency

The word cryptocurrency was initially heard in 1989. In the late 80 s US national David Chaum brought the concept of digital cash. Digital cash uses cryptography to validate transactions. In 2008 Satoshi Nakamoto wrote a research article. In that article, he gave the concept of a system to build an online currency.

That currency will not have any central control system like banks. That research article was very significant in the history of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is now the most prominent digital currency in the world. In 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto started Bitcoin protocol. In 2009 Bitcoin was also launched as open source software.

Soon, Bitcoin will become popular among the people. Following bitcoin, many other digital currencies have been launched in recent years.In 2017, the cryptocurrency market started to grow at a great pace. The total market value for all cryptocurrencies combined became $820 billion in 2018.

The digital currency market since then saw a continuous rise in its market value. There are over 10000 digital currencies in the world. People expect that ‌those digital currencies will create a more fair economic environment.

Significance of La Peseta (PTA)

La peseta (PTA) is created by the Binance Smart Chain network. The central aim of this project is to establish it as a daily medium of exchange. There are a few advantages of this cryptocurrency like

I) Speed,

II) Low network cost

III)No minting need for transaction verification.

IV) Thus, it is sustainable and environment friendly.

The memory of the old peseta is still alive in the psyche of Spanish people. People have nostalgic feelings about it. So, Peseta has some unique emotional values. Especially older men and women still remember it fondly.

It is using the Tokenomic system, so it is rewarding its holder. It does not require heavy investment. You also don’t need to fear a liquidity shortage. Whenever anybody  purchases or sells this, they will be charged 10% of it as the commission.

That commission will be distributed like this-

5% of each transaction ( purchase, sale, transfer of tokens) is distributed to all La Peseta holders automatically. So you will see your  La Peseta (PTA) tokens increasing every day.

5% of each transaction (purchase, sale, transfer of tokens) is destined to increase the liquidity pool that is 100% blocked for two years. It ensures the guarantee of holders’ investment.

La Peseta (PTA) has a fixed supply of 47trillion. It is done mainly in honor of 47 million Spanish residents. It is using Trust Wallet for safekeeping.

This project is not only complying with Spanish regulations but also international regulations.

It has great growth potentials since it has a low supply. Each customer will get 5% cashback in each transaction. There are many platforms to make the transactions of La Peseta (PTA). Some noteworthy platforms are:

I) Pancakeswap,

II) Dexguru,

III) Dextools,

IV) Poocoin,

V) Latoken,

VI) Eurocoinpay.


La Peseta is the new generation cryptocurrency. It has some great potential to further advance in the market. The Spanish legacy of this digital coin is definitely an asset. It has some emotional values, thus it is different from the other digital coins.

It has a fixed number of supplies of the coin. Besides that, it will not have a liquidity shortage problem. It will not need minting for transaction verification. It has low network cost and above all, it is environment friendly.  So, if you are interested in investing in cryptocurrency, then it can be a great option.

In our article,  we try to tell you about the history of both La Peseta and cryptocurrency. We have also discussed the significance of the new digital currency, La Peseta. We hope that our article will help you to know more about La Peseta. So you can now invest in it with an informed mind.

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