Latest trends in Gambling

Data shows that the global online gambling industry was worth $66.7 billion in 2020. This figure is expected to reach $92.9 billion by 2023. Gambling companies must ensure that their products are in line with emerging online gambling trends if they want to take advantage of this growth and gain more market share. It can be difficult to discern which trends are real. Some gambling news is as follows.

These are the latest gambling trends:

  1. Cryptocurrencies
    Ethereum, Bitcoin and Dogecoin are all cryptocurrencies that can be used to augment and replace traditional currencies. Online operators need to be aware of certain things before they offer cryptocurrency payments to their customers.
  2. Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR).
    Ten years ago, mobile gambling was a new concept. However, digital expectations have increased significantly over the years, and so has the quality of online casinos and sports betting apps.

    However, VR/AR has a high barrier to entry as customers must have access to costly headsets in order to enjoy these features. VR/AR is a slow-growing online gambling trend.

  3. Esports betting
    Bookmakers could make a big change by betting on esports. They have the ability to provide new customer experiences and more accurate betting, while also offering greater in-game betting opportunities. Applause published an in-depth analysis of the potential esports betting offers for bookmakers.
  4. Wearables
    Smartwatches are becoming more popular, regardless of whether they’re used for fitness tracking, messaging, or gaming. They are also becoming more powerful. It is therefore not surprising that this new type of device is being adopted in the gambling industry. Providers like Playtech offer coin machine apps for Apple Watches.
  5. Social betting
    Bettors enjoy sharing their betting experiences with their friends and exchanging anecdotes. These conversations have led to the development of many community betting features.
  6. Micro betting
    Micro bets can be difficult to report on because of the large number of micro-bets in any game. Online sportsbooks must determine which events are most profitable to offer bets on and which ones to omit.
  7. Apps that work better
    The most important, but often overlooked, the trend in online gambling is better apps. When choosing an online gambling app, the quality of the app may be what users choose. Applause offers expert advice on how to create apps that customers love.
  8. Gambling safer
    Online gambling is shaped by new, safer gambling regulations. Instead of waiting for new laws to be published and retrofitting products accordingly operators and gambling news are becoming more proactive in incorporating safer gambling into every stage of the merchandise development process.
  9. Gambling offers from major entertainment companies
    The arrival of established entertainment companies offering gambling options online is a growing trend in online gambling. Netflix already has games that support its flicks and series, which could indicate a rise in casino games. Disney is looking at partnering with third-party companies to make sports betting deals. Amazon could also follow suit, having just started streaming live football streams. A logical next step might be to offer these services as well as to bet on them.


We have now discussed the latest gambling trends.