Learning About The Injuries in a Head-on Collision Accident

A car accident can have several injuries and damages to its victims. While some of the injuries are negligible and will heal with time, some injuries can cause permanent or long-term damage to your life. 

These injuries can cost you a lot, from medical treatments to loss of income. Although you might be able to manage the expenses at first, it will get complicated in time, especially for the future treatment of the injuries. Severe injuries might leave post-traumatic symptoms, which may require additional therapies.

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Injuries in a Head-on collision accident

Head-on collisions can result in severe injuries after a car accident. Some injuries might have long-term effects on your life and even be life-threatening. Moreover, some injuries might not show immediate results or symptoms, so it is best to rush to a doctor immediately after the accident.

Types of injuries sustained in a head-on collision accident 

  • Spinal cord injury

A spinal cord injury causes damage to the spinal cord resulting in severe complications. During a head-on collision, the jerk applied to the car can affect the spinal cord and damage it. If the spinal cord is damaged, the person can procure severe injuries resulting in paralysis, coma, or even sudden death. 

  • Brain injuries 

Brain injuries include several damages to your nervous system that can completely disrupt your life and work. A head-on collision can bash the head onto a hard surface like the window or steering wheel, causing a brutal injury. 

While sometimes the injury might not appear on the head externally, there is a high chance that the person must have procured an internal head or brain injury. So do not take it lightly and try to reach the emergency room as soon as possible.

  • Broken bones 

Another common and severe head collision result is fractured or broken bones. A broken bone can be present anywhere in the body. Although our bones are stone, they are not strong enough to bear the pressure of a head-on collision. 

If the head-on collision applies more force on our bones than they can bear, our bones will likely break, resulting in a fracture. Sometimes the fractures are mild and sometimes quite severe. In both cases, they should be treated immediately.