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Biharmasti is the act of being afraid of something or someone. It’s not a compelling reason to do anything, but it can come in handy sometimes. Here are 5 reasons why you should be afraid of Biharmasti:

What will cause someone to be afraid of Biharmasti?

In this example, I’d be afraid of accents because I’m from a place where accent is a daily occurrence. It’s also true for many other people in that place. But what if you said to yourself that your accent was something you could overcome and become the man or woman you are today? What if you said to yourself “I don’t want to be afraid of my accent. It’s a piece of me and I can overcome it if I have to.”?

Why do people become afraid of things?

There are a couple of reasons why people become afraid of things. One being that they don’t want to be perceived as less than or inferior to someone or something. Another being that they are afraid of looking stupid or gullible.

6 ways to be afraid of Biharmasti

Here are 6 Types of Biharmasti that you might want to be aware of and find yourself in the next time you’re feeling a little bit out of control with your life.

Type A: You’re afraid of something or people. This is essentially a subtype of Biharmasti.

Type A: You’re afraid of things because something bad or significant has happened in your life that shows that you need to “set a boundary” or “set an example” for the rest of the world.

Type B: You’re afraid of something or people that you can’t put a finger on. Because you know it will hurt them if you touch them.

Type B: You’re afraid of things because you don’t want to cause damage to them. For example, if someone you love gets run over by a car, then you’re afraid they will kill you because they don’t want to be responsible for your death.

Type C: You’re afraid of having a bad, negative impact on someone else’s life. For example, if you don’t like the way someone else is doing things, then you’re afraid they will feel ‘second-guessed’ or ‘outed’ by those around them.

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