Milwaukee is a Great Place for Those Who Don’t Mind the Cold

If you are looking for a new city to call home, you are probably doing a lot of research and considering your preferences and your must-haves in a new city. While many people favor mild and pleasant weather year-round and focus their searches on places like California or the Carolinas, there are others who love the four seasons and who even love the cold.

If you find yourself in this latter category, there are a variety of states and cities that would appeal to your chilly preference. One such example is Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and here are the reasons Milwaukee is a great place if you don’t mind the cold:

Plenty of Outdoor Cold Weather Recreation to Enjoy

If you like being out in the cold and in the snow, Milwaukee has a lot to offer you in the form of cold weather outdoor recreation. You can head downtown to ice skate at Red Arrow Park when the weather gets cold enough. If you have the heart of a child, you can also go sledding. Humboldt Hill is regarded as one of the best sledding hills in Milwaukee.

Other cold weather recreation activities to enjoy in Milwaukee include skiing or snowboarding on Wilmot Mountain, snowshoeing, hiking, and ice fishing.

The Lake in Winter

If you love the cold weather because of the winter wonderland that snow and ice create, you will love seeing Lake Michigan in the winter. Milwaukee is located right on the shore of Lake Michigan, and lovers of the cold will enjoy a walk along the lake after a snowfall. 

You can also partake in all the winter activities you love, like a snowball fight or making a snowman, all with the gorgeous backdrop of the late in wintertime. If you love the idea of outdoor recreation along a lake and want to make the big move to Milwaukee, there are many Milwaukee houses for sale.

Winter and Cold Weather-Specific Activities and Festivals

Milwaukee also has plenty of winter and cold weather-themed activities for lovers of the cold. If you are really into getting super chilly, do the yearly Polar Bear Plunge into icy cold Lake Michigan. Nearby Cedarburg also has a full festival dedicated to winter that cold weather junkies can attend.

Another nearby winter festival is the Lake Geneva Winterfest, which hosts the U.S. Snow Sculpting Championships. Milwaukee also has a dedicated winter farmer’s market. 

Head Indoors When You Are Ready for a Break from the Cold

While all of the previous activities will bring you face-to-face with the frigid Milwaukee winter temperatures, there are also so many things to enjoy indoors in Milwaukee in the winter, such as cheering on Milwaukee’s pro sports teams, checking out Milwaukee’s many amazing museums, and exploring Milwaukee’s Mitchell Park Domes, which is like stepping into a tropical jungle in the heart of the winter.

With so much going on in Milwaukee, both outdoors and indoors, there is plenty to do for cold lovers in the winter. After you get in your fill of cold weather recreation outdoors, you can warm up inside at any number of exciting attractions.