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Movies Couch is a free online movie streaming service that lets you watch unlimited Hollywood full movies online without having to register. You can even download them directly to your computer.

Latest releases

While it’s not a secret that the Movies Couch is the movie watching hot spot, it’s not all about the movies. The site is also home to a plethora of freebies and swag. For example, you can now download the latest and greatest Marvel comic book series or snag a slew of other comics from its sibling, Netflix. The company is also home to a sizable library of film and television content, many of which are on the cusp of being discovered. In fact, you can even sign up for a Netflix membership in the site’s sandbox. Among other benefits, you’ll get free delivery on your DVD purchases. As a bonus, you’ll get access to their library of cult classics like the eponymous Akira Kikuchi. You’ll also get to see all of these cult classics on the big screen. And while you’re at it, you’ll have the chance to score an all-you-can-eat deal on a whopping 25 tidbits worth of popcorn.

Immersit technology

It looks like there’s a new gadget out there that can transform your couch into an immersive entertainment device. It’s called the Immersit, and it works by generating subtle vibrations that match the motion of the characters in the movie you’re watching.

The French company that invented the technology is planning to produce a sofa that responds to the content on movies and video games. The system includes a plug-and-play device that will hook up to your TV and couch.

It comes with a sophisticated motion software and hardware that can generate a wide range of movement patterns. You can also customize the movements through the accompanying app. The Immersit device is able to sync with games and video players to give you the most realistic experience possible.

The device was designed to be installed under your couch, and it includes sensors that detect when a crawling object is on the ground. If the crawling object is detected, it will trigger the device to stop.