Nemanja Vidić – the legend of Serbian football

nteresting that even if Serbia doesn’t have any special achievements at the Olympic Games, the level of its team sports is extremely high. Players from this country regularly excel in football, basketball and other disciplines. Therefore, it is not surprising that this country is one of the hidden, if not overt, leaders of international tournaments at Analyzing this moment in the context of football, one cannot but single out such a player as Nemanja Vidic.

The first professional team of the player is Crvena Zvezda. Moreover, he began to play for it at a time when Serbia was part of Yugoslavia. After four seasons in the local league, the young and ambitious center-back was spotted by Spartak Moscow scouts. As a result, he moved to the Russian championship, where he was destined to play only two seasons. Naturally, this league was not the ultimate dream for the ambitious footballer. And it is not surprising, because such a grand team as Manchester United was interested in his services.

The transfer to the English Championship was completed successfully. He spent 8 long years with the Red Devils, being an indispensable player in the base, creating a strong duet with Rio Ferdinand. At that time, 1xBet considered this team the main favorite of the league.

The last team of Nemanja Vidic is Italian Inter. There, he would play for the last two seasons, without being the obvious footballer of the base of the Milan club. Naturally, once the star of world football could not agree with the role of an understudy, so the logical decision was to end his career. 1xBet – best live bet scores, so fans of the Serbian defender’s game will have no problem wagering on the matches of the teams for which he played. The history of Nemanja Vidic’s relationship with national teams is quite interesting.

During his career, he managed to play for Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro, as well as Serbia in its modern form. In total, he played 56 matches for these teams and scored 2 goals. Interestingly, the decision to stop playing in the national team of their country was also associated with unsuccessful performances. However, after this event, making the best live bets and watching scores on 1xBet for the matches of the Serbian national team is interesting too.

Titles that Vidic managed to win during his career

Of course, the professional career of Nemanja Vidic was not phenomenal. However, he was part of the great Manchester United of the early 21st century that dominated the English Championship. After the era of the Red Devils, had a lot of favorites as the local league became more competitive. Nemanja Vidic himself managed to:

  • win the England Championship five times;
  • win the English League Cup three times and the country’s Super Cup five times;
  • win the Champions League;
  • become the best player in Serbia twice.

Perhaps, few Serbian footballers can boast of similar results. 1xBet allows you to keep track of the results of all ambitious players.

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