New Safety Features in Cars in 2022

New safety features will keek mandatory in cars in India by 2022. All cars will be equipped with a minimum of six airbags, and at least four more are expected. Drivers will have better visibility, too, thanks to overhead cameras. Besides providing more 360-degree visibility, the overhead camera is useful for gauging larger cars and maneuvering in tight spaces. It can also zoom in to specific areas to navigate around obstacles. Some car weworld manufacturers, such as Jaguar Land Rover, have added a ‘bird’s-eye’ view. The Autonomous Emergency Braking system is becoming a requirement on new car models, and it will likely be mandatory in cars by 2022.


Another safety feature for vehicles in 2022 is skillpage stability control. This system uses computer sensors to react to signs of vehicle instability. It is important to maintain proper tire maintenance, however, because driving on snow or sand can change the vehicle’s performance. To avoid this problem, many of these new cars will include drive modes to automatically adjust traction, steering, and other settings. It’s likely essembly that a vehicle’s speed limit will be changed automatically, as well.


A new safety feature in a car could save a life. A seat belt can prevent an accident from occurring. Airbags and backup cameras can help drivers avoid collisions. Automatic emergency braking is also a good way to reduce filestube accidents and save lives. A lane-departure warning system, a camera on the backseat, and a rear cross traffic alert are among the many new safety features in a car.