Now That I Can Use Ai To Generate Content, Am I Wasting Money On My Seo Agency?

A big question that many business owners are pondering these days is: Now that AI (artificial intelligence) is on the rise and can be used to generate content en-masse; are we wasting our money on an SEO agency?

If you are on the fence and thinking about dropping your SEO agency and going it alone, read on and we’ll tell you what you need to know…

AI is NOT more capable than the best digital marketing experts

A misconception is that AI is far more capable than the very best digital marketing experts. This is absolutely not the case. The fact is, AI is a great online tool but it is only as good as the person directing it.

If you have a limited understanding of SEO and the various other digital marketing mediums, you are going to struggle to outperform your competitors by yourself.

Yes, you can ask the likes of ChatGPT some questions and you’ll get some fairly impressive insights in return. However, simply having the knowledge at your fingertips doesn’t make it any easier to put into practice.

Remember, you’ve had all of this information at your fingertips for years. AI’s ability to generate explanations for complicated topics is nothing new. It’s simply regurgitating content that is already published – and was written by human creatives.

There’s more to SEO than content creation

Another dangerous misconception is that content creation is all there is to SEO. The fact is, SEO is broken down into four key parts:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-site SEO
  • Local SEO

Each aspect is critical to your long-term success and it goes far beyond creating content. You have to ask yourself, how comfortable are you performing all of the technical SEO requirements on your own website?

  • Optimise for mobile use
  • Create XML sitemap
  • Improve page load speed
  • Install SSL certificate
  • Find and fix broken links
  • Check and fix crawl errors
  • Optimise internal linking
  • And on and on it goes

The above are just a few of the technical SEO tasks involved with a successful campaign – and that’s not to mention the on-page, off-site, and local SEO requirements.

Case and point, simply being able to produce lots of content at the click of a button is not enough to warrant firing your SEO agency.

AI generated content needs refining

Another important thing to remember is that AI auto-generated content rarely comes out perfect. You need to take the time to fact check it, edit it, and ensure that the writing is on brand and in line with your voice. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that AI content comes out fresh from the press ready to be published.

If you just churn out whatever AI gives you without a second thought, you are NOT going to get the results you desire.

Yes, Google will rank AI content, but only if it brings genuine value, and that will require a lot of work – especially if you want your content to say something unique, rather than just simply regurgitating what has already been created by others.

Not only that, but editing a piece of AI-auto generated content can often be MORE time consuming than writing something fresh – given the work that goes into perfecting it.

Conclusion: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

The fact is, if your SEO in Sydney is delivering superior results, why bother rocking the boat? If you are making an ROI and climbing the rankings, why would you want to throw that away in favour of saving a little bit of money each month?

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

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