Nutrient burn in marijuana plants

Nutrient burn in marijuana plants is a serious problem for weed growers. You can not ignore this problem as a weed grower. So, you need to understand nutrient burn in weed plants.

In our article, we will tell you what nutrient burn and its signs are. We will also talk about the negative effects of nutrient burn in weed plants. In this article, you will also find the mitigations and preventive measures for nutrient burn issues in weed plants.

Nutrient burn

First, we need to know what nutrient burn is. Nutrient burn is one ‌type of stress felt by marijuana plants. It occurs when weed plants get extra nutrients in any of their specific developmental stages.

This problem mainly occurs because of ignorance of some new weed growers. They think that the weed plant will grow faster after getting more nutrients. They also believe that they will get a good harvest because of that.

However, the reality differs from their wishful thoughts. The growth pattern of a plant differs from the growth pattern of an animal. So, you can’t expect animal-like weight gain in plants when you give them extra nutrients.

Plants will feel pressured if they get extra nutrients in the period of their development cycles. Those stresses disclosed themselves through some indications. You can detect those signs if you are a careful person.

Indications of nutrient burn in weed plants

1) Leaves of weed plants will have an intense green color.

2) The tops of the leaves will show vivid color.

3) You can observe a bending at a 90-degree angle in the tip of leaves.

4) You can observe brown spots in the perimeters of the leaves.

5) Branches of weed plants may show purple or red colors.

Negative effects of nutrient burn in marijuana plants

1) Extra nutrient burn causes problems for weed plants in the photosynthesis process. So the plants can’t produce the ‌foods for themselves.

2) Nutrient burn problem is more critical in the flowering phase. Nutrient burn in marijuana plants can harm their leaves. When weed plants lose leaves in the flowering phase, they may become unable to produce new leaves.

3) Damaged leaves or the absence of leaves can hurt the yield of weed plants.

4) Marijuana plants may even perish in the extreme case of nutrient burn.

5) Excessive nutrients in the flowering stage can alter the taste and aroma of weed flowers once they become mature.

Mitigation measures for nutrient burn problem

1) Stop providing your weed plants with extra nutrients.

2) Wash your weed plants with normal water. Those waters should have a leveled pH. Normal water will assist the weed plant to reduce the extra nutrients.

3) You should remove any affected plant element such as leaves, flowers when you observe any nutrient burn in the weed plants.

4) Apply for a plant medicine on your weed plants. You can use vitamins and minerals. You can also use humic acid or silver nitrate as a tonic for your weed plants. Those medicines will help your weed plants in recovering from the problem of nutrient burn.

5) When you again start feeding your weed plants, you can give them half the amount of nutrient materials compared to normal. It will help your marijuana plant to get back its normal nutrient level concentration.

However, if the nutrient burn happened in the period of flowering, then you may get a low yield. It will happen because the weed plants may not make a full recovery if the issue occurs during the flowering phase.

Preventive measures

1) You should learn about the proper nutrient mix that will help your plants to grow in periods of the various phases of plant growth.

2) Maintain the policy of giving three-fourths of the suggested dosage of nutrients to your plants. If you adopt this safeguard, then it will help you in two ways.

  1. I) The producer may give you the greatest workable dosage for commercial reasons. Hence, giving a reduced dosage to your plants may take you to a safer position regarding the nutrient burn problem.
  2. II) The suggested dosage level may differ with certain marijuana plants.


Nutrient burn in marijuana plants is a significant issue for weed growers. Thus, you need to have a clear concept of this problem. In our article, we tried to discuss various aspects of the nutrient burn issue in marijuana plants.

We also give you some preventive and mitigation measures for this concern. Hopefully, those suggestions will help you in solving your nutrient burn problem in marijuana plants.