Nutritional Objective: Reducing Fight Weight

If you want to reduce body fat to be able to compete in a lower weight division, you have to add many stamina and power training sessions to your May Thai training. Your calorie intake must be less than the calories you burn.

To be sure that you don’t reduce muscle mass with this, you have to sharply increase the proportion of protein you eat along with a corresponding reduction in carbohydrates. Aim for low-fat foods but don’t neglect the valuable fats. It is also essential to drink plenty of fluids. Two or three hours before training, eat food rich in protein, such as a protein shake, and one or two hours before training, eat food rich in carbohydrates, such as a banana stock alertsa.

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This is especially important before power training; otherwise you’ll feel drained. After a training session, eat foods rich in carbohydrates and protein, but not excessive carbohydrates, as they can the calorie burning elect of training. Don’t abstain from carbohydrates completely, as that would have a negative effect on the protein in the muscles.

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If you want to increase your muscle mass to be able to enter a higher weight division, you will have to add rigorous muscle-building training to the Thai– speciɹc training. To avoid training excessively, you will have to reduce the Thai–speciɹc training sessions. You must also increase your food intake, the amount of protein. To avoid increasing your proportion of body fat, aim for low-fat nutrition.

This will not lead to a fat as eating a larger volume of food will also increase the amount of fat you’re getting. Two or three hours before power training, have a meal rich in protein—for example, a protein shake with oatmeal—and one or two hours before training, have a carbohydrate-rich snack such as a bar. During training, drink plenty of fluids.

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Lastly comment

Eating a protein bar is also a good idea so that the protein is available to your body immediately. Afterward the training session, start to replenish your carbohydrate levels and at the same time consume more protein. You should also eat plenty of protein-rich foods on days when you don’t do power training so that your body gets protein for muscle development.

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