Online lottery games in UAE; A Few Peculiar features, advantages, potential drawbacks

The United Arab Emirates is home to over ten million people, which includes residents and tourists alike. The UAE receives millions of tourists perennially; some of these tourists are enthusiastic players of online lottery, so how do they go about playing online lottery UAE? This article is a guide to online lottery games in UAE; it also pinpoints a few peculiar features and advantages of online lottery games in UAE and the possible drawbacks.

Online lottery UAE

The UAE has Islam as its official religion; this very fact is the reason why gambling in all forms is prohibited in the United Arab Emirates. There is a saying that goes, “to every rule, there is an exception,” well, the UAE has, in recent times, loosened its strict policies regarding gambling, making the lottery an exception to the general rule.  The United Arab Emirates has some of the biggest prizes in the lottery worldwide. These prizes could be won, ranging from millions of dollars to luxurious cars and many other fantastic prizes.  Some of the top free online lottery UAE sites you can explore include; 

  1.  Lotto Agent: Lotto agent is ranked as the best online lottery website in the UAE, the site has an excellent rating of 5/5, and they also have a mobile app that entices lottery players and draws them to the site. Lotto agent offers over 20% off any lottery ticket when you use their codes on your first visit to the website. As a resident or tourist of the UAE, Lotto Agent should be your first stop for online lottery games. 
  2. Lotto Kings: Lotto kings are ranked 2nd with a rating of 4.7 out of 5. They also have a mobile app that users can download and use; the number of lotteries available on their websites is over nineteen (19), if not more. The site also gives a  50% welcome bonus to new lottery online UAE players. The availability of different lottery games on this site makes it easier for players to patronize the website. 
  3. Multi Multi Lotto. Com is rated as the 3rd best online lottery site in the UAE; their trust pilot score is rated as “great.” The site has a mobile app for users, and you can also play over sixty (60) different types of lotteries on their website. You can also get up to a 100% welcome bonus on your first visit to the site. 

Some advantages of playing the online lottery in the UAE:

  •  Availability: Whether you are a tourist or a resident in the UAE, all human beings love convenience. So as an enthusiastic player of online lottery, you get to play your favorite game at any time of the day or night, depending on your convenience. All you need to do is to have a mobile phone and an account with any of the online lottery sites, and you are good to go. 
  • Convenience: Long gone are the days when people stand for hours in long queues waiting for their turn to purchase lottery tickets. With the recent innovations of the internet and mobile devices, you no longer have to undergo such stress.  You can easily log onto the internet and purchase the number of tickets you want without stepping foot outside your home. 
  • Security: There are instances where lucky winners who won while playing the lottery in inland casinos lost out on their winnings simply because they misplaced their tickets; playing the UAE lottery online eliminates this particular risk factor. When you play online, your tickets are safe and secured and can be accessed by you at any time you wish. Another advantage is that you get notified by email anytime there is a transaction or a winning in your account.  Online lottery companies are also licensed by gambling commissions; hence all your bets are safely insured.
  • Access to a variety of lottery games: Unlike conventional casinos, online lotteries have varieties of lottery types you can choose from,  you have diverse options to choose from, and you could try your luck on any of the available types of lottery. In the comfort of your residence in the UAE (or hotel room, as the case may be if you are a tourist) and with a few clicks on your smartphone or IOS device, you could place your bet and cash out your winnings. 

Some possible drawbacks you might face while playing online lottery UAE are: 

  •  Use of VPN: Residents of the UAE might have to use VPN in order to access some of the online lottery sites; this is because there are stringent cybercrime laws put in place by the UAE government. VPN helps to mask your I. P address and makes it look as though you are accessing the site from another country. 
  • Restrictions: The residents of UAE are strictly restricted from gambling as it goes against the religious and moral codes of the country. The law deals less harshly with tourists and visitors than it does with its citizens who engage in playing online lottery UAE, which is more reason why citizens will need to be extra careful while playing the online lottery in UAE. 

Some features that are common to most online lottery UAE sites include a user-friendly interface, availability of mobile apps, and more lottery games than in-land casinos. Another feature peculiar to all online lottery sites is the availability of online payment and cashouts; unlike inland casinos, you could deposit or cash out your winnings in less than an hour on most online lottery casinos. 


The United Arab Emirates, otherwise known as UAE, is an Islamic country that prohibits gambling, with the exception of the lottery. But should that be a hindrance to having fun? The answer is definitely no! This article is a guide on everything you need to know about playing the online lottery UAE. Whether as a resident or a visitor in the UAE, this simplified article will help you a lot. This article has highlighted the advantages of online lottery, the possible drawbacks, and some peculiar features common to all online lottery UAE sites. 

And to learn how to find and choose a reliable website for playing the lottery, please read the article here.

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