Open or full-face mountain bike helmet: Which should you choose?

There are a variety of helmets made to meet the requirements and needs of mountain bikers. After all, a high-quality helmet can protect your head and avoid brain damage while mountain biking. Indeed, you must have come across a debate about full-face and open-face mountain bike helmets. If you are unsure of picking the right one, you must wear a helmet that provides you with a level of comfort and fits your riding style. Many mountain bikers prefer wearing an open-face helmet since it is more comfortable than a full-face MTB helmet. But the open-face helmet provides less protection than the full-face counterpart. If you are a casual rider, you can purchase open-face MTB helmets. If you are a rider who enjoys pushing the limits, then the full-face MTB helmet fits you. After all, they provide the protection that downhillers require. So, it is evident that both have their advantages and differences. To know more about these differences and benefits, you must read further.

When to purchase an open-face MTB helmet?

If you like to take the easy trails, you can purchase the open-face MTB helmet right away. There are slim chances of you planting your face on a rock on easy and medium trails. Well, it entirely depends upon you since you must choose the type of helmet you want to wear. It entirely depends upon you since you must choose the type of helmet you want to wear. The open-face helmet is cooler due to the venting holes, which are more appropriate in hot environments.

What are the pros of open-face MTB helmets?

You will find that the open-face helmets are lightweight. In addition to this, you can ensure proper ventilation when you wear them. They provide a lot of protection and are ideal for warmer climates, and you can easily carry them around and quickly take them off. Since not all open-face MTB helmets are the same, you must purchase high-quality ones. You can even find cheaper helmets, but some of them can make you feel restrained and uncomfortable. Hence, when you head to shop for helmets, you must ensure they are high performance and comfortable. In a nutshell, if you are a laid-back rider, you can purchase an open-face helmet.

When to get a full-face MTB helmet?

The full-faced MTB helmets are great for hardcore mountain bikers who prefer to go downhill and fast and take challenging trails. You can buy full-faced helmets even if you are not a hardcore rider. If you are concerned about hitting your face, you must purchase them. If you have dental problems and worry about your medical bills more than biking, buying a helmet is better than spending more on the dental bills.

What are the pros of full-face MTB helmets?

The advantage of a full-face MTB helmet is that it can protect your entire face. Since the helmet’s hard shell has a better pierce resistance, it can also protect your brain. A full-face mountain bike helmet allows your mouth to be partially covered, helping you not swallow dust and nasty flies easily. In a nutshell, if you want maximum protection, you must buy a full-face helmet.

Which mountain bike helmet must you choose?

Although you might be a skilled rider, accidents can happen. Hence, mountain bike helmets are beneficial, and you can use them for approximately five years. Since you know the advantages of the open-face and full-face helmets, it entirely depends upon your preference. For sure, these MTB helmets will make your rides enjoyable and safe.