Panna stone: All you need to know

Emerald stone or Panna is one of the most appealing gemstones with the new, vibrant color. Emerald Gemstone, also known as Panna Gemstone in Hindi, is a beautiful green coloured astrological gemstone connected with the planet Mercury (Budh). Emerald (Panna) Gemstone provides incalculable advantages, such as financial, scholastic, and medical success, as well as eloquence. The best quality panna can be purchased from Gem Selections. Experts have rated them as the best in the industry because of the quality parameters they follow for the correct products. They have played a crucial role in the expansion of the gems industry. Emeralds are commonly found in Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and other countries. Mercury is represented by the natural emerald stone (Budh). Wearing this gemstone, according to Vedic astrology, can help you overcome the negative effects of a weaker Mercury in your horoscope.

Benefits of Emerald

Intellectual advancement is brought about by wearing an emerald stone, also recognized as panna or zamrud. Natural intelligence and intellect is Planet Mercury’s domain and the enhancement of this planet’s strength leads to a stronger comprehension of existence, a balanced view and a stronger capacity to understand greater topics as well.

  • Individuals wearing an emerald stone can clearly see a spurt in creativity, creative talents, language abilities, and the capacity to better design / innovation.
  • In terms of communication abilities, wearing an emerald can offer an enormous advantage. There is a relatively stronger, clearer and clearer communication style and the person can communicate themselves with aplomb and trust.
  • Even in medical astrology, several advantages of carrying an emerald jewel are explained. It is a gemstone that can assist with voice problems, breathing problems, allergies, and nervous illnesses.
  • Emerald natural and treatment-free is an excellent therapeutic gemstone for people who have difficulty concentrating or focusing capacity. By carrying an emerald, high entropy, restless individuals can give a comparatively big quantity of stabilization and concentration.
  • A person wearing an emerald stone for a well-placed Mercury can bring forth excellent fame and luck. There may be a mercurial increase in existence, as the title indicates.
  • Emerald is a gemstone with poison-free antidote properties. Yore Royalty is known to have eaten their diamond goblets aperitifs.
  • Natural Emerald is an excellent gemstone for people who stammer or feel nervous about interacting with others because of absence of trust.
  • Individuals such as psychics, healers, astrologers or professionals of any holy arts can make enormous strides with clothing and jade stone in their line of job.

Where are the best emeralds found in the world

Although Emerald can be mined all over the globe, Colombia, Brazil, and Zambia are the three primary sources. Other nations with extensive reserves from Emerald are Afghanistan, Australia, Pakistan, Russia, and the United States.

The best Emeralds can be discovered in Colombia among the top three sources. In order to differentiate its source from the three primary sources, Brazil’s Emeralds tend to be darker and are strongly involved in mining.  On the other side, because of its light-colored inclusions from where it is mined, Colombian Emeralds tend to have darker complexions.

The most renowned Emerald deposit in Colombia is the Muzo mine, located just northeast of Colombia’s capital, Bogota. The Native Americans originally mined it, but it was effectively deserted, only to be found back in the 17th century. Another important mining area for Emerald deposits on the northeast of Bogotá is the Chivor mine.

Several significant Emerald reserves are available in Brazil: Minas Gerais, Bahia, and Goias. Emerald deposits have been discovered throughout Brazil since 1980, and this nation is now one of the world’s largest providers of Emerald gemstones. Khanna Gems offers the best quality Panna. They are renowned supplier who focus on quality. According to the pundits and experts they have the most suitable gems with accurate cut and clarity. They are the leaders of the accurate products when it comes to correct gems selection.

Properties of emerald

Because of its primary traces of chromium and sometimes vanadium material, the green material. It is evaluated at about 7 to 8 in the Mohs scale and is usually categorized as having a bad breakage of strength owing to its included condition (the object is caught in a substance during its formation phase). To determine its importance, it is necessary to perform the four C’s of connoisseurship:

  • Color –Divided into three parts: color, color, saturation. The main hue is green, then yellow-green to blue-green. Emeralds should have an opaque white 70 percent in color. If they have a grayish saturation, the gemstone is also an Emerald.
  • Clarity: If the rock does not have noticeable inclusions seen by the eye, it is regarded flawless.
  • Cut – In order to be deemed excellent value, the cut should also be well performed.
  • Carat weight – Like all other valuable gemstones, Emerald is also evaluated by its Carat weight in its importance.

Who should wear emeralds?

When selecting a gemstone, the basic concept is to see that the gemstone has Perfect Color and should have no unwanted inclusions. Every natural stone is included, but the stone worn for astrology should have no adverse inclusions such as Black Spots, Knots or Cracks. The intrinsic nature of Emeralds is that they have Thread-like integration, which is appropriate but the Emerald should not have Black Spot. Decreasing inclusions results in greater transparency and hence, with decreased incorporation, the cost of emeralds increases. Always choose a gemstone that doesn’t have too much in it. Light is supposed to pass through the gemstone.

When and how to wear this precious stone?

Planet Mercury is connected with Wednesday, so Emerald should only be carried on Wednesday. It can be produced in Silver or Gold and in Little Finger should be carried. For men, wearing the diamond ring in the right hand’s little finger is preferable, while females can carry the left or right hand Emerald ring according to their preference and convenience. As a Pendant, Emerald can also be carried. Before carrying, the Emerald stone should be correctly energized. To get the best benefits, one should wear the emerald in the right muhurat of the day.


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