Pap Punno Bangla Movie Review

The Pap Punno Bangla movie has been released on 20 May 2022. It is directed by Giasuddin Selim. This film has a Bengali version. It stars Siam Ahmed, Shahnaz Shumi and Fazlur Rahman Babu. The film was produced by Impress Telefilm, a sister concern of Channel i. This movie is not suitable for children.

The film is currently being filmed in Chandpur. Chanchal Chowdhury won the hearts of the audience in the critically acclaimed Monpura. She played the character of Shonai. The film is also considered a breakthrough for her acting career. In Monpura, Chanchal Chowdhury is often addressed as Shonai, the name she plays in real life. She continued to act independently after completing Monpura and later collaborated with Giasuddin Selim on Pap Punno.

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