December4 , 2022

Poran Bangla Movie Review

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Raihan Rafi’s latest Bangla movie, “Poran”, is a romantic drama movie directed by Raihan Rafi. The film stars Bidya Sinha Mim, Sariful Islam Razz, and Yash Rohan. The film was initially scheduled to release on 14 February 2020, but it has been delayed due to technical difficulties. Raihan Rafi is optimistic about the movie’s success.

The story revolves around a love triangle. The story begins with Anna, a beautiful Englishwoman, in love with an Indian man, named Raj. However, her father has arranged for her marriage to Raj, an Indian man. When she falls in love with Raj, she hatches a scheme to escape from him once they’re married. Unfortunately for Raj, though, he knows that she’s in love with another man.