Pori Moni Pregnant

After her recent announcement that she was pregnant, actress Pori Moni shared the first photos of her baby bump on her social media. This is the first child for the talented and controversial actor. She has recently announced that she is taking a year-long break from acting to spend time with her newborn. The news comes after she made headlines recently for accusing a businessman of sexual assault. It is unknown if she will return to acting after her pregnancy or not, but the news has already made her a media sensation.

After being involved in a boat club scandal, a drug case, and a stint in jail, Pori has been one of the most popular characters of the younger generation. Now, she is about to become a mother and has taken a break from acting after getting married. She and Raj tied the knot on October 17 last year, and news of her pregnancy emerged on January 10.

The versatile actress announced her pregnancy on social media, where she posted a photo of her baby bump with her husband Sariful Razz. The two were married in a private ceremony in October last year and became close as they worked on the film ‘Gunin’, which will be released in 2021. During their time together on ‘Gunin’, the couple became close and are planning a one-year break from work. However, Pori Moni has been in the news since 2015, when she was featured in 24 movies. She also filed a murder and attempted rape case against businessman Nasir U Mahmood.

After her arrest, she has remained in the spotlight. Last year, she was mentioned in a case involving the Dhaka Boat Club. She filed a case with the Savar Police Station and named two businessmen as the suspects. The two businessmen were later arrested, and Pori Moni was arrested less than two months later in a separate drug case. She is currently on bail. She will remain in prison until the case is settled, but for now, she is safe.

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