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Hindi movies are celebrated for their Seriescoldeweytechcrunch as the unique handling of language. Many of these hits provide you with a taste of what hollywood can offer in terms of action, adventure and romance. Let’s explore some of the best Hindi movies on Mx Player.

Hum Tumhurya (2012)

LUCKNOW: The beauty of life is that you can never fully understand it. You can only admire the grace and perseverance of nature, which gives to you the ability to survive and thrive in the cold, harsh and beautiful northern winter. But what is even more amazing is that you can even enjoy this season for the duration of your life thanks to Hindi movies. The Hindi language is so versatile you can enjoy it for the rest of life. Take for instance, Hum Tumhurya where every aspect of life is handled with the greatest care and flair. This classic Hindi movie has everything you could want in a story, action, and a unique language. From the exquisite language that translates to the chilling “chiki chickki chikki” sound effects to the romanticism of the sub-arctic landscapes and the wonderful performances of the lead stars, Hum Tumhurya is a must watch for all kinds of Hindi lovers.

## Dangal (2011)

LAHORE: A look back at the decade that was: The decade that saw the birth of Indian cinema as an art form and helped bring the country a lot of respectability on the international stage. The decade also saw the adoption of the social media as a tool to create and share content across the globe. With the advent of social media and the internet, it has become possible to connect and engage with people from all over the world. With Dangal, a group of Mumbai-based film actors, actresses and music composers celebrated for their creativity and innovation, it is no surprise that this Hindi movie is a must-watch for all music lovers.

## Jhooth Gayee (2011)

SARAIjah: The iconic movie that started it all for Indian cinema, Jhooth Gayee is a classic tale about an orphan who grows up to become a film star. From the gorgeous dialogues, enchanting heroine, and unforgettable performances of all the main characters, Jhooth Gayee is a perfect example of what makes Indian cinema so great. Jhooth Gayee tells the story of a private eye who is sent on a mission to save the lives of his family members. From the beautiful corridors of palaces and gardens of Mumbai to the mountains and glaciers of ice age; Jhooth Gayee brings you a plethora of interesting and memorable characters.

## Darrin – The Man Who Killed All The Others (2010)

HIND: The original, and best seller, Darrin the name is synonymous with action, adventure and romantic story lines. The film has now become one of the most-watched Indian free-to-air channels’ classics with an astonishing worldwide gross. Yes, you can watch Darrin on Netflix, Amazon and Google, but you cannot watch it on your own. Darrin is a must-see for everyone who loves Indian cinema.

## Hum Hain Kaun (2009)

LAHORE: The first and foremost film of Rajesh Kpse, Hum Hain Kaun is a committed and moving story of two samu-like families, the ‘Davkars’ and the ‘Vaks’. This is a movie that offers you everything you could wish for in a story, action, and a unique language. The dialogue that translates to the phrases “vaad, dhul, dul, … van” is simply mesmerizing and makes you feel as if you are in the presence of one of the film’s main characters.

## Rani (2008)

SARAIjah: The first and foremost Indian romantic film, Rani is about a young lady who has a dream to become a film star. From her beautiful early singles to the song-smithing skills that make her a household name, the film is full of love and romance.

## Bheel Ki Aayaan (2007)

HIND: The first Hindi film to win multiple awards at the Asian festival, Bheel Ki Aayaan is a social commentary on the decline of rural life and the infrastructures that keep it alive. This is a beautiful movie, with a plethora of personality traits, that will make you feel nostalgic for our rural days. You will definitely want to watch this movie on a cold winter’s evening.

## Mere Ai Raaziyaa (2006)

SARAIjah: The original, and best seller, Mere Ai Raaziyaa is a social commentary about the relationship between a young girl and her village astrologer. The movie is about a girl who wants to become a film star but is turned down by her village astrologer because of her beauty. Her quest for stardom is made all the more captivating because of the fascinating characters that populate the film. The movie is set in the town of Gurdaspur in central Punjab.

## Deewar-e-Punjab (2005)

HIND: The first Punjabi movie to win multiple awards, Deewar-e-Punjab is a classic example of what makes Punjabi movies so great. The story is about two Punjabis, a doctor and a physician, who fall in love with the same day and develop a powerful bond while saving the lives of others. The movie is very much set in the Punjabi hills, and the language of the film is totally different to our own. The movie is not only a love story but a condemnation of the lost generation, the “Dard Chhel”.

## Dhoom 3: Dangal 2.0 (2004)

HIND: The 3rd Dangal film, Dhoom 3: Dangal 2.0 is a tale of love and survival, about two friends, one from each side of the border, who are both in search of a missing friend. From heroics by one’s own family to the trials of survival, this is a film that is sure to please the whole family.

## Ghillie Ken Aisa Hai? Or Is It? (2003)

SARAIjah: The original, and best seller, Ghillie Ken Aisa Hai? Or Is It? is a tale about a family of four, born and raised in Mumbai, who are all about to be honored with the Padma Vibhushan. The film is about the embrace of stardom and the journey of a family to represent the ‘Vedet’ (The First).

## Bhiwandi – The Complete Story of a Family of Four

HIND: Bhiwandi is one of the most popular Indian comedies and there are numerous imitations of it on the big and small screen. As a child, two brothers, Bhaeek and Bhai, were well-loved by their parents and were offered a choice between a career in television or a proper education. But Bhaek is a better-looking and more accomplished artist than his younger brother, so he opts for a career in fashion.

## #Hum Saath Saath Paas (2002)

SARAIjah: The first Indian Marathi Movie, which you should watch before Anything Else! is a tale about a couple of musicians, their family, and the music they produce. From the delivery of their melodious numbers to their unique style of storytelling, this is one of the most mesmerizing Indian cinema offerings.

## Hum Saath Saath Paas 2: Mille Akus (2001)

HIND: The second Indian Marathi movie, Hum Saath Saath Paas 2: Mille Akus is an amazing example of how Indian cinema can deliver a classics-level performance without any additional infrastructure. The film is a deeply moving tale about a single mother and her two boys, who are all about to be honored with the Padma Vib