Quizzes in Online Courses: 3 ways to make it effective

Whenever it comes to quizzes, students are always afraid of that because quizzes mean that they have to showcase their ability and understanding of the content that they have been taught. It is because of this reason that quizzes are not considered to be a fun experience throughout all academic circles. However, in the past few years with the e-learning sector becoming more and more prominent, the concept of crisis has also changed drastically.

Most institutions that create online courses take into consideration the importance of testing the students so that a better understanding can be derived regarding how much they have understood the content. How were the methods undertaken to test the students through the help of crisis actually considered to be very effective and interesting.

Organizations that are selling courses took into consideration the fact that students always dread  taking part in quizzes because they feel confused about an option and hence unprepared for this domain. However, it has been found that if quizzes are developed in a way that can not only help text the students but also provide the students with an opportunity to enjoy it, it will become far easier to increase their performance.

Despite the opportunity to develop interesting ways to help test the students, the lack of proper preparation is considered to be one of the major issues that makes it difficult for teachers and educators to implement this  technique. In the given section 4 effective methods have been highlighted that can support educators in making quizzes interesting and fun for the students which in turn can help in increasing efficiency in the classroom.

Methods to make quizzes effective

  • Developing a Free quiz option

One of the first aspects that needs to be understood when it comes to developing online courses is helping in increasing engagement of consumers so that they are well informed about the amount of self that they can receive from these courses. Hence the first step that can be undertaken is developing a free quiz opportunity, in particular subjects for the students to take part in.Through the quizzes the students will be provided with an opportunity to effectively in a better understanding of the knowledge in the particular subject and thereby provide them with clarity on their needs and preferences. This will not only benefit the prospective students but also effectively help the online courses to directly drive the online traffic to their website. This is because when students understand the issues they have with their skills and  learning they can easily contact the online course and enroll themselves so that they can start working towards making changes and becoming more proficient in learning.

  • Making use of Modern Technology

Technology has developed considerably in the past few years which means that online courses today have the opportunity of making use of these modern technologies and are implemented in the learning process. when using modern technologies such as that of Augmented reality in online courses it becomes possible to make the entire learning process interesting for the students. Considering this above, it can also be possible to implement this technology in developing quizzes that will increase the engagement of the students and make them more interested in attending these quiz sessions. Through the use of Augmented reality it will be possible to create online quizzes consisting of life pictures as well as videos thereby making it interesting for the students to learn. In this way the students will feel more encouraged and interested in participating.

  • Conducting After Lesson Sessions

Another interesting method that can be undertaken by educators when it comes to quizzes is by sharing these sessions at the end of a lesson. When students are just finishing a lesson and the quiz is held at the end of it. It not only provides them with the ability to record what they have learnt but also makes it interesting for them. when students have complete knowledge of what has been taught, making them feel interested and encouraged to take part in the quiz as the field that will provide them with complete understanding of how much they have learnt. The mistakes that they make will also provide them with guidance on areas that they need help with.

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