Red Arrow Edmonton to Calgary

As you embark on this journey, you’re not just moving from point A to B, but immersing yourself in comfort, luxury, and scenic beauty. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of this unique travel experience, highlighting the route, amenities, and what makes the Red Arrow a preferred choice for many travelers.

The Red Arrow Route

The Red Arrow route is a vital link between the provincial capital, Edmonton, and Alberta’s largest city, Calgary. Covering a distance of approximately 300 kilometers (186 miles), this route takes you through the stunning Alberta landscape, showcasing the natural beauty of the region. The journey begins in downtown Edmonton and culminates in downtown Calgary, offering a seamless connection between these two bustling urban centers.

The route takes you through diverse terrains, including rolling hills, vast prairies, and glimpses of the majestic Rocky Mountains in the distance. Passengers get to experience the ever-changing landscapes as they travel, making for an enriching visual journey.

Comfort and Luxury Onboard

One of the defining aspects of the Red Arrow experience is the commitment to providing comfort and luxury to passengers. From the moment you step on board, you’re enveloped in an atmosphere of sophistication and relaxation.

Spacious Seating

The Red Arrow coaches are designed with ample legroom and plush seats, ensuring that passengers can stretch out and enjoy a comfortable journey. The seats are reclining, allowing you to find your preferred position for the trip. Whether you wish to catch up on rest or simply gaze at the passing scenery, the seating arrangement caters to your needs.

Onboard Amenities

Red Arrow coaches are equipped with an array of amenities to enhance your travel experience. These include free Wi-Fi, enabling you to stay connected with the world or catch up on work during your journey. Multiple power outlets are available at each seat, ensuring your devices stay charged.

For entertainment, each seat is equipped with a personal entertainment system, offering a selection of movies, TV shows, and music for your enjoyment. This thoughtful provision keeps passengers engaged and entertained throughout the trip.

Catering Services

To elevate your journey further, Red Arrow offers catering services on board. You have the option to pre-order a variety of refreshments, snacks, and meals that cater to different dietary preferences. The food is prepared fresh and is a delightful addition to the overall travel experience.

The Red Arrow Advantage

The Red Arrow is a premium choice for travelers, and several aspects set it apart from other modes of transportation.

Reliability and Punctuality

Red Arrow takes pride in its punctuality and adherence to schedules. Passengers can rely on the Red Arrow to depart and arrive at their destinations on time, making it a dependable option for both business and leisure travelers.


With multiple daily departures, the Red Arrow offers flexibility in travel times, allowing passengers to choose a departure that aligns with their schedule. The downtown-to-downtown service ensures easy access to various locations within Edmonton and Calgary, minimizing the need for additional transportation upon arrival.

Stress-Free Travel

By choosing the Red Arrow, you free yourself from the stresses of driving, navigating traffic, and finding parking. Sit back, relax, and let the Red Arrow chauffeur you to your destination while you enjoy the journey.

Exploring Edmonton and Calgary

Apart from the comfort and luxury offered during the journey, both Edmonton and Calgary offer a wealth of attractions and experiences for visitors.

Edmonton: A Capital City’s Charms

Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, is known for its diverse cultural scene, lush green spaces, and vibrant festivals. The West Edmonton Mall, one of the largest shopping malls in North America, is a must-visit. Additionally, the Royal Alberta Museum, Fort Edmonton Park, and the Muttart Conservatory are popular attractions showcasing the city’s rich history and culture.

Calgary: The Heart of the West

Calgary, often dubbed “Cowtown,” is a city known for its cowboy culture, thriving economy, and beautiful cityscape against the backdrop of the Rockies. The Calgary Stampede, a world-famous rodeo and exhibition, is a major draw. Explore the Calgary Tower for stunning panoramic views, visit the Glenbow Museum to delve into local history, or take a walk along the scenic Bow River.


The Red Arrow journey from Edmonton to Calgary is not just a means of transportation; it’s an experience that combines luxury, comfort, and a picturesque voyage through Alberta’s captivating landscapes. As you traverse from one bustling city to another, you’re treated to a seamless and relaxing journey, setting the tone for a memorable visit to these dynamic urban centers. So, whether you’re a visitor or a local looking for a hassle-free way to travel between these cities, the Red Arrow offers a compelling choice that goes beyond the ordinary.