Flooring sets the tone of the entire design of your home. But if there are stains, damage, or scratches present on it then it will degrade the entire look of your home. Even the best wooden flooring is subject to damage after a certain age. Though the name of the hardwood says that it is hard but in actuality, it is smoother than other flooring options like tile, marble, laminate, or stone. Hardwood is also prone to several damages like a swelling, contraction, and so on. Therefore, it also requires repairing. Though the repairing is dependent upon the condition of the flooring. If you are interested to know the procedure then check out the details:

Know when you need professionals: 

No matter whether the floor requires complete refinishing or whether minor damage is needed to be repaired, in both cases, you should hire the expertise of the professionals. Only professionals can bring the same shine back to the flooring. It is always worth getting in touch with the professionals.

  • They can mask any signs of wear and tear and could make it look like a new
  • They can fix chipped or dented surfaces in no time
  • If there is water damage then they don’t just repair it but also prevent the effects of the water damage in a possible manner
  • Squeaky boards are one of the main problems present out there, they help in completely replacing these with ease.

So, hiring professional expertise is always a great solution to reform the flooring just like as new.

Water damage repair

In case the flooring installed in your house is not waterproof, then water can damage the finishing or fade the colour of the floor. Even worse, the wooden boards can grow mold. Methods incorporated to deal with the wooden floor depend on the severity of the water damage. In case the flooring has been completely damaged due to excessive water, then you will have to hire a professional service. Check out the services provided by the most trusted Dallas flooring companies so that you can repair the damage from roots.

In case there is a mild water stain on the floor then you can remove it on your own. All you need is a clean cotton cloth and an iron. Place the clean piece of cotton cloth on the stained surface, medium heats the iron, and move it back and forth on the white cloth. Do it gradually and check the time and again if the stain has been removed.

Cupped surface

Sometimes there is concave or convex cupping present on the wooden flooring. To correct the problem, first of all, diagnosis is needed to be done. Moisture is the main reason behind it so before repairing it, make sure you focus on the moisture source. To resolve the issue, if you see the cupping in its initial stage and there is just minor cupping then just addressing the moisture problem is enough while on the other hand, if the problem is severe or worse than getting the help of professionals is important. Sometimes replacement is only the solution to the problem.

Wear spots 

In the areas where there is higher traffic present, getting wear and tear is common which leads to unattractive patches onto the flooring. Then the affected area needs to be corrected in the right manner. To do it, use fine-grained sandpaper which will make the floor as smooth as it was before. If there is a stain present on the floor then try different types of test patches to know what suits them best. Before you proceed, you should vacuum the floor multiple times. If needed then applying multiple coats of the urethane according to the directions given by the manufacturer is a good idea.

Fixing the dents and gouges:

In case the wooden plank has minor dents the same can be fixed by placing a few drops of water on the affected area, allowing the specific wooden board to swell back in the original shape. You can also use a mil heated iron to repair the gouges. If the dent is deep then it is suggested to use the epoxy-based filler so that damages can be easily fixed. Apply the filler with the help of a putty knife and let it dry for some time. After the paste dries, sand the affected area to provide an even look to the repaired wooden board.

Moreover, there are many DIY shops and specialists present out there who tend to sell filler stocks which help hide the scratches present. While for deep dent, resin fillers are to be used as discussed above. Only a specialist can perform the task with their experience and expertise.


Sometimes the wooden floor is damaged so severely that the damaged floor is to be removed and replaced with the new one. In this, a carpenter square is used to mark perpendicular lines to remove the damaged board, and then the new one is added to the same place by professionals. But the shine, colour, pattern, and everything should be the same. So map out the same flooring before you remove the damaged one.

Bottom line:  

Use this guide to get your floor repaired and to regain its original beauty and shine. If you will try to do the repairing by yourself then this could lead to the sorts of expensive problems in the future, therefore, hiring a qualified and experienced specialist is always a good idea to restore the appealing and attractive look.