Ruby Birthstone: One of the Most Precious Stone

Ruby is one of the most exciting and precious birthstones. It is a popular gem prized for its brilliant red hue and deep symbolism for love, loyalty, and friendship. Ruby, or July birthstone, has been revered by cultures all around the globe for centuries. 

The stone has many meanings in different cultures, including in Thailand and Burma, where it’s regarded as a national stone.

In this article, we’ll look at the ruby birthstone’s history, mythology, and what makes it a precious stone.

What Is a Ruby Birthstone

A ruby is a type of gemstone that is most often associated with July. It is one of the most precious stones on Earth and has a long and colorful history. The name “ruby” is borrowed from the Latin word “Rubens,” which means “red.” 

Rubies are made of corundum, a mineral used to make sapphires. They are often a deep red, but they can also be pink, light red, or brown. Ruby’s value and durability make them a perfect stone for precious jewelry. They are also sometimes used in piercings and other body modifications.

The History of Rubies

The history of rubies is shrouded in mythology and legend. The ancient Greeks believed that rubies were the tears of Zeus, spilled when he mourned the death of his lover, Semele. On the other hand, Hindus believed that Rubies were the sweat of the god Indra and that their vivid red color represented the flames of passion.

Whatever their origin may be, there is no doubt that rubies have been coveted and prized for centuries. They are among the most expensive gemstones in the world and are often considered the most beautiful. Their rich red color is incomparable, making them a favorite among jewelry lovers and collectors.

If you’re lucky enough to own a ruby, you can be sure that you have something exceptional. Here are a few interesting facts about these valuable stones

  • They are a symbol of love and passion globally.
  • Ruby is known as the “gemstone for strength” because it can help you deal with stress or anxiety by giving you confidence.
  • Ruby also represents wisdom, knowledge, nobility, strength, and power in various forms throughout history.

The Different Types of Rubies

There are several different types of rubies, each with unique properties. The most highly prized rubies are from Burma, where the stones are known for their exceptional color and clarity. These rubies are known as “Pigeon’s Blood” and are so coveted that they can sell for millions of dollars per carat.

Other notable ruby deposits can be found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, India, and Australia. The rubies from these locations tend to be a deeper red and are not as highly sought after as the pigeon’s blood variety from Burma.

How to Purchase a Ruby Birthstone

When looking to purchase a ruby, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, look at the color. The best rubies are deep red with a hint of blue and should be evenly colored. If the ruby has too much blue, it is considered sapphire. 

Another crucial factor when buying Rubies is the clarity of the stone. Some rubies have minor imperfections called inclusions which are responsible for their unique character. However, if there are too many inclusions, it can affect the value of the stone. 

Finally, the size and weight are also important when determining a ruby’s value. A good quality ruby can be up to 1/4 carat in size. The smaller ones are more difficult to find than the larger ones because they’re harder to cut correctly. They also don’t have as much fire in them.

Do Rubies Make Perfect Engagement Rings?

Ruby is a symbol of love, passion, and commitment. It’s also considered one of the most precious birthstones because it represents friendship and good fortune. Ruby was once believed to be the tears shed by God during his creation of man.

Ruby has been treasured for centuries as an excellent choice for engagement rings because it’s one of the most versatile gems available in nature. A real ruby ring will make you feel romantic and passionate when wearing it!

Caring for Your Ruby Ring

Now that you know all about rubies, it’s time to learn how to take care of this precious stone. Here are a few tips:

  • Store your ruby ring in a soft fabric bag or jewelry box to avoid scratches.
  • Remove your ruby ring before strenuous activities like gardening, cleaning, or exercise.
  • Avoid contact with chemicals. If you must wear your ruby while using these chemicals, wipe the stone with a soft cloth after exposure.
  • Clean your ruby ring with warm soapy water and a soft brush. Rinse the stone well and dry it thoroughly before storing it.


What Is the value of rubies? 

Ruby Birthstone’s value is determined by its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The most precious rubies are those with the finest red color.

Where do rubies come from? 

Most of the world’s rubies come from Myanmar, but they can also be found in Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, and India.

How big do rubies get? 

Rubies can weigh up to more than 25 pounds. The largest ruby ever found weighed more than 28 pounds!

Final Thoughts

Ruby is an extremely precious birthstone with a long, brilliant history. If you’re lucky enough to have a July birthday, you have an exceptional gemstone to add to your jewelry collection. 

It is a perfect choice for those who want to create a piece of jewelry with a meaning behind it. This is not just because it symbolizes love but because it represents all things good in life.