Setting the Facts Straight; 6 Fever Myths Dispelled

A condition in which the temperature of the body is higher than normal is what we call fever. Fever is a common fight of your body against infections and bacterial invasions.

According to the best physicians in Jinnah Hospital Karachi, fever is a condition that alarms your body that something is wrong with it.

Fever is one of the most common medical conditions that anyone suffers from. That is why there are a number of rumors that also surround this medical condition. It is important for people to realize that when it comes to the healthcare they should only rely on information from the right and authentic sources.

Common Symptoms of Fever

The most common indication of fever is when the body temperature is higher than usual. The normal body temperature is 37 degrees centigrade. The other symptoms of the body depend upon the severity and the type of bacterial invasion.

  1. Precipitation
  2. Chilling sensation
  3. Headaches
  4. Muscle aches
  5. Less digestive activity
  6. Irritability
  7. Body aches
  8. Fatigue
  9. Dehydration
  10. Cramps

Thus in the same context, we will be dispelling the common myths and rumors about fever.

Busting the Myths

Today we will be debunking the common word of the street that has been around us for quite some time.

1. The Body Temperature is the Same For Everyone

This myth needs to be busted now more than ever. But this is not true. Not everyone has the same body temperature and that is why not everyone has the right idea about their body temperature.

The average body temperature is 37 degrees but it may fluctuate from person to person. Furthermore, the body changes its temperature depending upon age and hormonal imbalances.

2. Fever is Bad for the Body and Can Cause Brain Damage

If anything fever is an alarming situation which is a clear indication of the fact that the body’s immune system is going through a tough fight. Fevers can be good for your body because they tell you about your body’s internal workings and what is going in your body and what is not.

They are a part of the body’s defense system which helps the body to fight off infections.

But always remember to consult your primary health care physician if the temperature is not coming down.

3. Aspirin Is the Only Medicine

It is a common medical misconception that aspirin is the only medicine that is used for the treatment of fever. Several other over-the-counter medicines can also be used for this same purpose. The other options are acetaminophen and panadol.

4. You have Fever You are Contagious

Being contagious and having a fever does not means the same thing. Sometimes a person can have a fever but it does not mean that you have to separate yourself from them. On the other hand, sometimes the person may be suffering from a contagious disease but they might not show the symptom of fever. So it is not a vice versa situation.

5. The Cause is Serious If You Cannot Break the Fever

It is highly important for people to understand the fact that if they can’t break fever it does not mean that it is somehow related to infection. The rise of the fever and the duration that how long it lasts does not in any shape or form depends upon the viral or the bacterial infection. The thing that matters is how your child looks after or with it.

6. There is a Need to Treat Fever

No, this is not right. You do not always have to treat a fever. As we have already established the fact that fever is a defense mechanism of your body against infection. Sometimes you do not have to treat a fever with medication. Just let it be drinking lots of water and make sure to consult your primary health care physician.

The Bottom Line

Fever is hands down one of the most common medical condition that evrybody suffers from. When a condition is severe all you have to do is to schedule a visit to your physician. He will guide you properly in such regards. Other home remedies can also be used for the treatment of this condition. But one thing that you should do is to update yourself with authentic information which is the need of the hour!

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