Significant Tools or Websites You May Need For POE 3.20 Expansion

Today let’s talk about some websites or tools that you should really know about if you’re playing Path of Exile. Now Path of Exile is an extremely intricate and vast game, and usually the game doesn’t provide you with enough information foodiesfact. We’ll have people of the community making third-party tools or websites to compensate for that, and it is exactly what happened in Path of Exile.

Now we have some very dedicated communities which will provide you with a lot of information just because they care about the game, so basically thanks to everybody who has any part in any of these websites, you’re awesome. The existence of these sites makes Path of Exile more fun, so let’s get into it.


Number one is POE, and this one is about information. Whatever you need, you’ll probably get it here, for example, when you type in “hunter”, if you don’t know how hunter build works, you’ll have very in-depth listings, it starts off with basic mechanics and goes in more and buy poe currency. Good thing about a Wiki is it doesn’t just give you raw numbers, it actually gives you more context with actual paragraphs, explaining why stuff is the way. Overall if you’re a new player, this is an incredibly valuable resource.

Meanwhile, it’s not just for new players, I’m always on the POE looking for new stuff. Like I said, this game is just way too vast to know everything, doesn’t matter if you have 10 hours or 20,000 hours, it will always be where file to check.

For certain things, you can look for certain keywords as well. For example when we type with “chill”, you will see kind of all skill gems that are related to chill, you will also see all item mods that are related and you will also see every single unique item that is related. Basically making it easier for you to make these connections between certain poe currency and mods.

Now a huge problem with Poe Wiki is that it’s actually listed second in Google after the Fandom Wiki, which is outdated. So do not use the fandom Wiki, don’t get tricked by it.


Number two is POE DB or POE Database. this is also a information website, a huge database with a ton of raw data. The difference between the DB and the wiki is, usually you will not get a lot of like context for anything, this is more for people who are searching for something very specific, or for numbers. When it comes to myself, I usually look for POE DB first, but that doesn’t mean that other one is useless. Usually I use them in tandem with the wiki, and if there’s something I don’t know anything about, the POE DB is usually not as useful as the Wiki. So I would just say use both, however there’s also a lot of things that the POE DB does that the wiki does not.

For example if we look for Baran the Crusader, which is a boss you will see everything you need to know here. So the more nerd you are, the more you’re going to appreciate POE DB, you can look for literally everything here, you will have a breakdown of every single attack that boss does. This is basically data mined so you will get a lot more in-depth numbers. &

Number three is, GGG’s official trading website. Now this one is easy to trade with other people and whisper them for certain items. There’s no Auction House system in Pathofexile, so you have to whisper people, then they have to invite you and do the trade. You can search for rares uniques whatever you want, and you can also have the bulk exchange right here which is usually for things you want more than one, for example like currencies, or any sort of fragment, or exotic currency and almost everything that you want.

Howeve,r there is an issue that you will probably meet when you using Pathofexile, the trade process is too slow sometimes. Sellers may response you after DM a long while, thus it is essential to prepare another trade website, thus could be your priority. Just like its name, this web is focusing on any currency trade you may have in POE, the good side is you barely have to consider the security issues. As the tons of positive trustpilot reviews from customers, is an absolutely trustworthy poe currency store for Path of Exile players.

Path of Building(

Number four is Path of Building, POB, this is a build making tool and what it lets you do is basically completely plan out your build, it also lets you Import and Export builds, so you can share them with other people in the community, or you can receive them.

Path of Building has a lot of functions, all you need to know is that this is basically a no-brainer. if you want to spend a lot of time in the game and you ever want to make your own build, or even understand how other people’s builds work. I have this debate a lot with people who are more purist when it comes to Path of Exile, they say it kind of makes the game much easier, which is fair enough right. Obviously if you’ve played this game for a decade, you can make poe builds without Path of Building, but all of these people have used Path of Building in the past to learn about the game. So what I would tell you is that there is zero chance that you will ever make a build without using POB.

If you’re still unsure whether you should get this program, I would basically describe it like this program is not there to make builds for you, it’s there for you to apply your knowledge and makes stuff easier. Let’s be real, this program saved players so much time, it’s basically a no-brainer even more. If you see somebody making a build, you can kind of judge it by looking at their POB, it’s a lot easier than just seeing their gameplay.