Simple Design Tips for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is a place where you can actually experiment and have fun with. Since this is your personal space, you can make the most out of it by choosing items that you prefer in your bathroom. You can get multiple bathtubs, frameless sliding shower screens, specially-designed tiles, and fixtures that you like. But before you go overboard, you must first read these tips on how to perfectly design your bathroom.

How to Design the Bathroom of Your Dreams

Look at complete bathroom designs online

The first thing that you can do when designing your bathroom is looking at different designs online. This is where you will get inspiration for your own bathroom. Are you looking for a specific theme for your bathroom? You can go ahead and do a quick search for a particular design. Looking at these themes can help you create a concept for your new or renovated bathroom. If you have multiple bathrooms in your home, you can be as specific with your search. Type words like master bathroom, living room bathroom, or kitchen bathroom terms to help you better in your bathroom design.

Pick the first view upon bathroom entrance

What do you want your guests to see upon entrance to your bathroom? Do you want them to readily see the bathroom seat? Or do you prefer for them to see the basins first? This may be one of the most overlooked steps that people who design their bathrooms do not consider. But you have to think of this so that you create a nice experience for those who will actually use the bathroom.

Create symmetry

You can aspire for a minimalist design in your bathroom and yet have an elegant aesthetic by considering its symmetry. If you have a large space, you may want to consider two sinks that are adjacent to each other as well as one continuous vanity. Lights will also produce a symmetric effect.  To create symmetry in the shower area, you should consider using frameless sliding shower screens. Frameless shower screens can give this equilibrium effect and, at the same time, make the space appear wider and larger than it is.

Choose one key piece

This is especially true with small bathrooms. You must choose one key piece in the bathroom and build your design around it. Usually, this is the luxurious vanity that you have or the freestanding bathtub. A nice shower area can also be the key piece that you may want to focus on.

Ask construction experts

Do not ever forget to ask the opinion of professionals. They are called as such because they have been working in this field for a long time. Experts can give you better suggestions on how to design your bathroom. Because they have more experienced eyes, they will see some aspects of your plan which you may have missed. They will not only look at the aesthetic appearance but will also deal with safety and functionality issues. Even if you like to do some renovations by yourself, it is always good to seek advice from professionals.


The bathroom is the space that you always spend most of the time especially during lon work hours and weeks. You want to go home and just have a relaxing time lying on your bathtub, frameless sliding shower screens, and designer tiles. When designing your bathroom, make sure that you combine both functionality and aesthetics. All the parts of the bathroom should be usable for you. And they should all be pleasing to your eyes. Having both will make your whole bathroom experience very worth your while.