Solana Price Index And Charts From The House Of KuCoin

SOL, also known as the Solana coin, is one of the many cryptocurrencies available. Today we are bringing updates on SOL price or solana price index and charts from perhaps the best crypto trading platform, Kucoin. Kucoin offers its users the best security, along with over 500 cryptocurrencies to trade in, with several trading options and numerous transaction methods. Kucoin has several features, including spot trading, which gives you live updates on the prices of currencies, down to every minute update. Well, we have discussed about the SOL but what exactly Sol is? This is a question every beginner wants to know. So, here we going to decipher it!

What Is Solana?

Solana, better known as SOL, is a cryptocurrency that is also a decentralized and open-source blockchain. It offers high speed, along with smart contracts for its users. SOL can host decentralized apps with generally high efficiency and scalability while keeping transaction costs low. In 2022, it will be regarded as one of the fastest blockchain networks in the whole cryptocurrency market. Many decentralized apps are supported by it, such as NFTs, DeFi, Web3, and even gaming.

Solana is the ecosystem to which the SOL coin belongs and has a high market cap.

With a block time of 400 ms, Solana claims itself as one of the fastest blockchains in the world, with goals to reduce this time even more as its infrastructure grows.

Can I Stake Solana?

While SOL does not have its wallet, it does allow staking on other compatible wallets.

Is It Worth It To Invest In Solana?

As with cryptocurrencies, every time the price of ADABTC or ETH and other leading currencies increases, other currencies, such as SOL, also increase in price. So a decent expectation would be to look at the leading coins’ future trends and SOL before investing in them.

Solana Price Compared To The Past | Day | Week | Year | 3 Years

Today, the price of a Solana coin is 31.43 US dollars for one coin. In the last 24 hours, it has shown a considerable fluctuation, going up, then down, now back up. In the previous week, it has also fluctuated but is on a general downtrend. SOL has lost around 42 percent of its value in the last month, showing a downwards trend. There are major fluctuations, such as a significant increase, then down to nearly the same initial price in the previous year. For 3 years, the coin peaked at 258.14 US dollars per coin and has been on a downwards trend ever since, with spikes now and then.


In the end, there is a general downwards trend in the SOL coin, but there is no completely accurate way to estimate the future growth or decline of a currency. However, you can go over your basic technical strategies to increase your chances of profit by visiting Kucoin. Kucoin has a lot of information and guidance for its users to trade cryptocurrencies.