Survivor of a Church Abuse Scandal? Steps You Should Take to Get Compensation and Closure

The emotional damage associated with child sexual abuse leads to psychological difficulties and adult trauma – both of which require medical intervention and counseling. It is essential to relate this type of matter to a lawyer specializing in these cases.

Children frequently take part in church activities with great enthusiasm – seeking hope and comfort in what they believe is a safe environment. For instance, the social doctrine of some faiths, such as the United Methodist Church, advocates the protection of its youngest members emotionally, physically, and economically. The rules underscore the need to keep children safeguarded from any type of sexual abuse or harm.

When these rules are broken, devastating consequences can result – and the best place to turn to is a sexual abuse attorney. Taking legal action is the best way for survivors of child abuse in the church to receive equitable compensation and move ahead with their lives.

Choose an Experienced Child Sexual Abuse Litigator

To ensure you get through this critical process successfully, you need to work with a sexual abuse attorney who understands the sensitivities involved in filing this type of claim. They should have the in-depth understanding and knowledge required to address the associated legal issues and communicate with the defendant objectively.

People who survived childhood sexual abuse and sue a religious organization commonly receive a settlement from insurance proceeds or the money received from selling church-based real estate. The money does not come from funding directed toward church programs or donations.

Know the Rules and Timelines for Filing a Childhood Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

While the statute of limitations in California for most personal injury cases is set at two years, this type of timeframe does not apply to child abuse victims. Claimants often do not come forward about their abuse until they are adults. Therefore, the rules for abuse in the church follow a different standard.

California Filing Rules

To give the victim more time to file a claim, California has established laws for filing a childhood sexual abuse claim that is church-related. Filers can follow one of three rules concerning this timeframe.

For instance, a childhood sexual abuse victim, who is an adult, can file a claim until their fortieth birthday. Some victims may suppress the memory of the abuse for years. In this case, a discovery rule applies. If the victim remembers the abuse, they have five years to submit a claim.

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California legislators have also created and passed a revival law, which allows a church-related childhood sexual abuse victim to file a claim, regardless of when they remember the incident or regardless of age. The revival statute will enable them to sue their abuser and the responsible religious organization within three years. However, be forewarned – this revival window is only effective in California until the end of 2022.

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Act to File a Claim Immediately

If you are a loved one who has experienced childhood sexual abuse in a church setting, contact an experienced lawyer now. Discuss your case and explore your options for seeking just compensation for your claim. This is the best way to receive closure and put the matter behind you to move forward with confidence.

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