The About Page of a Blog is an Important Part of the Web Design

The about page of a blog is an important part of the web design, and the words on it should make your readers want to know more. It must be aesthetically pleasing and be consistent with your brand ipsmarketing. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, web users spend 80% of their time reading information above the fold, and only 20% will read information below it. Too many bloggers talk about unimportant things at the beginning of their page, and they fail to catch their audience’s attention. Instead, make your About page stand out by showcasing your value, usefulness, and enthusiasm.

One of the best ways to attract a loyal audience is to use an engaging story about your company. A compelling story will compel visitors to read further and possibly convert. Moreover, it will help you to make your about page stand out from other blogs and websites. It is best to include a link to your website on your About page. In this way, you can gain more subscribers and sales miiverse.

You can also add a personal story to your About page to give a greater connection with your readers mydesqs. People who are looking for a particular topic will be most likely to find your About page if they perform a specific search. This will increase your traffic significantly, and may even increase your brand’s image.

Ensure that your site follows the best practices for accessibility and usability wpswebnews. People who have visual impairments often navigate the internet using the keyboard. For this reason, web designers should allow keyboard-based navigation. In addition, the keyboard focus indicator should be readily visible. Some web designers remove this indicator altogether, which makes it difficult for keyboard users to interact with their websites healthnewszone.

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