The amazing story of the 2002 Senegal national football team

The 2002 FIFA World Cup is remembered for many reasons. For example, it was the first competition of this kind with more than one host. When you visit – your profitable online bet can be made in no time on all the FIFA World Cup matches.

However, there was another incredible story to remember. The 2002 tournament was the first time that saw Senegal taking part in it. And they not only qualified, they also made an incredible performance that is remembered even today. Right now, your profitable online bet awaits at 1xBet, which features all major football competitions, including the FIFA World Cup.

Senegal’s road to the tournament

Senegal started their qualification process by defeating Benin. Then, the team went into the next round of the qualifiers. The has all the qualifiers for these major championships, including the exciting African ones.

During the second and final round, Senegal was put into a very complicated group. Their rivals were:

  • Morocco;
  • Egypt;
  • Algeria;
  • and Namibia.

Only the winner of the group would secure a place in the 2002 competition. Senegal qualified for the first time ever. The FIFA World Cup and all its matches can be enjoyed from 1xBet, which features all its matches with great bets.

Shocking events

Practically everything about Senegal in the 2002 FIFA World Cup can be considered as a shock. The first match of the African squad in the competition was against none other than France. Whenever you want to bet on the French squad, you can visit to do so from your smartphone or tablet. The French team had won the previous World Cup and even the Euro 2000. For this reason, the Europeans were the clear favorites.

This contest took place on the 31st of May 2002, and Senegal won 1-0 with a goal scored by Papa Bouba Diop, which was a giant shock. Later, the Africans drew their matches with Uruguay and Denmark, whose matches are also featured at the 1xBet website.

Senegal faced Sweden in the round of 16. The match took place on the 16th of June and the match ended 1-1 by the end of the 90 minutes, with goals from Henrik Larsson and Henri Camara. However, Camara would later score the golden goal and take Senegal into an unbelievable quarter-final.

The next match took place on the 22th of June against Turkey. They drew 0-0 in the 90 minutes. However, a golden goal from İlhan Mansız took the Turkish team into a historic semi-final of their own.

Yet, Senegal, coached by the late French manager Bruno Metsu and captained by Aliou Cissé, left an unforgettable story. Curiously, Cissé would be the coach that won the first African Cup title ever with the Senegalese squad in early 2022.

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