The basic process for a CBD shop to produce CBD oil.

Marijuana (Marijuana, Cannabis) and Hemp are gaining a lot of attention. Because Thailand has the policy to plant Hemp and Hemp as an economical plant, cannabis cultivation is not allowed in the private sector. It will be limited to hospitals, universities, and community enterprises Because it contains THC, which has a higher intoxication effect than Hemp. Still, the government will allow the private sector to grow Hemp. Therefore, there are many people interested in planting to bring benefits. Hanfpost CBD shop produce good quality CBD products.

The benefits of Cannabis and Hemp are very diverse. However, we will talk about the part with a therapeutic effect, considered well-being chemicals. The main active ingredient extracted to make medicine is CBD, a legally available substance, while THC is classified as a drug, which the law requires to remove as much as possible.

CBD extraction process

  1. Must bring marijuana or Hemp to extract oil.
  2. Isolates as much as possible from unwanted parts such as colors, heavy metals, pesticides, and other oils and achieves the highest CBD concentration (Davis).
  3. Put into the drug, which is made in powder, will be easier to use. It can be made into a capsule or tablet (Syloid XDP).

Basic knowledge of cannabis Hemp

Cannabis (Cannabis or marijuana plant)

Cannabis has an English name that is often referred to as Cannabis, Marijuana. The scientific name Cannabis sativa forma indica has a short, bushy stem. Usually, less than 2 meters tall, the cannabis plant is quite branching than Hemp. Marijuana has broad, thick leaves. They are closely arranged, with about 5-7 lobes and dark green. The stem is segmented or short, the bark is difficult to peel, and the fibers are long. But it is of lower quality than Hemp. Hemp seeds are smaller than Hemp. The skin has a shiny appearance.

Marijuana refers to anything that comes from the cannabis plant. Both plant parts and natural substances in cannabis plants Marijuana is a Category 5 narcotic (under the Narcotic Drugs Act of 1979), but cannabis plants can be grown for clinical use. Hanfpost CBD shop will be your best choice for CBD products.

Cannabis is a bioactive herb containing more than 450 chemical compounds, more than 60 of which are cannabinoids such as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBN). , Cannabidiol (CBD), Cannabichtomme (CBC), Cannabigerol (CBG), etc. The most common are Tetrahydrocannabinoids (delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol: THC) and cannabidiol (cannabidiol: CBD).

Hemp plant

Hemp is a plant. The English name is Hemp (Hemp), and the scientific name is Cannabis sativa L.subsp. Sativa, in the family Cannabaceae, is the same family as Cannabis. But a subspecies of Hemp has a tall, slender trunk, more than 2 meters, and less branching. Hemp leaves are prominent. Arranged more than the cannabis leaf Hemp leaf is a single leaf with a light green color and looks like a palm. The leaves are lobed, about 7-11 lobes per leaf; the edge is like a saw blade. The tip of the leaf is slender and pointed. Joint or joint The peel is sticky and easy to peel. Provide high-quality long fiber Hemp seeds are large. The appearance is oval, round, oval. Its smooth surface has brown streaks. The seeds contain a large amount of starch and fat nutrients.

Hemp’s strength is not THC, but CBD (Cannabidiol), which is primarily extracted for medicinal benefits such as pain relief. or to help combat the symptoms of epilepsy and cure insomnia but not drunk. It is not as addictive as THC, which is Hemp has a higher CBD to THC ratio than Cannabis, with about 2% or more CBD in Hemp, while less than 2 in Cannabis. This is because Hemp contains fewer drunk substances. Therefore, has a less stimulating effect on the nerves. Hence, Hemp is used for other uses rather than the addictive substance that Cannabis is. As a result, many countries have allowed the legal cultivation of hemp plants. However, the plant must be controlled not to contain the drug substance (THC) higher than the specified amount. You will buy all product from CBD shop.

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