The Dangers of Doctor Fatigue 

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep to function properly in the daytime. For night owls, it is important to get an adequate amount of rest during the day. Doctors and nurses are a part of a highly hectic and busy industry. Emergency patient calls and managing several patients at once can become nailfits overwhelming for even the most experienced professionals. 

Worker fatigue is a major concern across multiple industries, including health professionals. Some researchers have found that about half of American medical providers suffer from work burnout and doctor fatigue. This can cause severe ramifications for the patient. If you or your loved one suffered from an injury caused by a doctor’s negligence, contact a Georgia Medical malpractice lawyer today. 

Is fatigue an issue for doctors and nurses?

Medical professionals are humans and capable of making catastrophic errors as a result of sleep deprivation. Sleep plays a huge role in cognitive functioning. Healthcare professionals need a consistent seven-to-nine-hour sleep. Lack of sleep can result in the following: 

  • Impaired ability to perform complex motor functions.
  • Difficulty recalling basic information and storing new information.
  • Challenges in regulating emotions and making logical decisions.
  • Problems maintaining balance.
  • Decreased ability to stay focused and factsmaniya concentrate.

Therefore, when a doctor or a nurse works on less sleep, the patients can suffer the consequences. A doctor may end up misreading the patient’s charts, creating the wrong treatment plan, or conducting a misdiagnosis. Or, a nurse could misplace vital information from test results and result in a delay of necessary treatment. In the worst case possible, a surgeon may conduct an error during a surgical procedure and potentially threaten a patient’s life. 

Can a fatigued doctor be a good medical provider?

As already stated, doctors are humans. They need their rest to function properly. Sometimes, it is not the doctor’s fault but the hospital’s, which puts their staff under too much pressure. Even the best doctors in the world can suffer from work burnout and fatigue. However, fatigue can become dangerous when it rises up to a certain level. 

That is why, even though the doctor may not have committed the error consciously, it is important that they take accountability for their actions. Patients should never suffer due to a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional. 

If a doctor makes an error, this means they did not adhere to the standard of care required by law, which makes them liable. There are certain grounds on which you can pursue a medical malpractice claim. Contact an attorney today.