The Different Types Of Legal Services You Need To Know

By: Kim Hemphry

In this article, you will be informed about the various types of legal services you should be aware of. There are different types of legal services to choose from. Each has a specialty that they have been trained in. Many Law firms have specific attorneys that specialize in various areas of law. Below are the different types of legal services:

1. Legal Services For Law Enforcement Offices

These law firms deal with law enforcement offices. They are the ones who help arrest criminals and prosecution those arrested. They can handle criminal cases involving murder, rape, assault, etc.

2. Legal Services For General Practice

This is a type of legal service generally practiced by a licensed attorney who has been practicing for less than two years or less. The major limitation in this service is that the clientele is generally limited to businesses and not individuals.

3. Legal Services For Civil And Criminal Offences

This is usually for people who have been arrested and charged with a criminal offense. Civil law also deals with non-criminal offenses such as contract disputes, business litigation, paternity cases, etc. They are lawyers who represent minors and estates of those that have passed on.

4. Legal Services For Family Law

This area of law deals with cases on various marriages, divorces, custody arrangements, etc. They are generally for married couples looking for a divorce or child custody arrangement. Family law can be both civil and criminal procedures.

5. Legal Services For Tort Cases And Personal Injury Cases

Tort cases include damage cases from car accidents and other accidents that resulted in physical injuries or damages to property. Personal injury cases are such before they reach the actual court system. The actual court is based on medical examinations and other medical evidence.

6. Legal Services For Employment Law

These are the legal services for employers and employees. Various areas deal with employment law, from discrimination to wage cases to wrongful termination. They are a type of attorney who will represent the interests of employers and employees in the field of labor.

7. Legal Services For Corporate Governance

This is the area of law that deals with corporate issues. They will help shareholders in the control and management of a corporation. Other areas of corporate governance include mergers, acquisitions, and other transaction issues.

8. Legal Services For Intellectual Property And Entertainment Law

This area of the law deals with patents and copyrights for original intellectual property creations for inventors, artists, and writers. These legal services handle entertainment law like copyrights for movies, music videos, television shows, and software programs from technology companies.

9. Legal Services For Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is for civil cases between two or more parties. It is not limited to criminal law, but it can also include personal injury cases. They are commonly referred to as plaintiff and defendant lawyers in this area of the law.

The above information will help you understand the different types of legal services you can opt for. It will also allow you to choose what service is best for you. for consultancy on information on the article, you can contact Foyle Legal firm

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